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Christmas Countdown 25... Christmas Tree #1

Background : It has become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me to write an Advent blog - a series of posts leading into Christmas from 1 December . In the past,  I have featured Christmas characters by the alphabet, all you ever needed to know about Christmas cakes, Christmas Firsts  and  Christmas traditions.  I usually find myself on 30 November, thinking what  to do this year?  However, I've had  the idea of "crazy " Christmas trees in the back of my mind since last year.  So this year, it's about non- traditional, unusual, crazy, weird  Christmas trees.  There will also be a "handmade" element to my posts, so there may even be some links to tutorials or other ideas....

 So here we go. Christmas Countdown 25 - 1 December. 
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This is the image which started this line of thought....  a yarn bombed, crochet granny square Christmas tree.  I thought I would like to crochet a tree like this, but  perhaps another year....  This tree was created by the Urban Knitting Zaragoza Group for the Plaza del Pilar, Saragoza, Spain. They covered a metal frame with  knit and crochet squares with embellishments - helped by two children's yarn bombing workshops

Other places have had similar ideas Stoney Stanton, a village in the Blaby district, Leicestershire, England was yarn bombed for Christmas in 2016. 

If you think time is not on your side for this Christmas, perhaps a tree skirt or  some of the smaller Granny square  Christmas tree projects  might be possible. 
Link to online tutorial for Christmas tree skirt 

 Link to a online tutorial  for Granny square tree decoration. 

 And if Christmas trees and granny squares don"t sit well with you ... perhaps a fashion item for your Christmas party.... We have seen crochet  granny squares used for all sorts of crazy wearable items  and even  in fashion shows and on the celebrity red carpet.
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Here's a video tutorial on how to crochet a granny square - the beginning of many projects, even a Christmas tree. 

For more information about  Christmas trees go to  a previous blog post. 

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