Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Countdown 10 : Christmas Tree#16 - Dollies

Amendment - Since writing this post, I have found out that this art doll was created by 
 doll,  artistNeva Waldt, entitled "Gertrude finds the perfect holiday wrap "
 For more like this go to  this Pinterest page 
  Advent  Blog : Day 16 - Dollies 
Strictly speaking, these are not alternatives to a traditional tree, but I just had to include them.  Those of you who know me know that one of my passions is doll making. This is  a special blog post to wish all my friends at Gumnut Dollies, Newcastle, Original Doll Artists of Australia and Art Dolls Only a merry Christmas.  
Many professional doll artists like Cindy Moyer like to create Christmas  tree themed dolls, using a mixture of techniques and media, publishing their patterns. Others make dolls for their own enjoyment or as a response to a Christmas challenge in a group. The reasons for creating Christmas dolls varies as much as the techniques and the materials. 
Cindee Moyer  Christmas Trees 

Christmas tree doll 

 Russian doll

Porcelain Christmas Tree Doll and  Christmas Tree Light Doll 

 The porcelain dolls made me think of the Krinkles series of  works  and  one of my favourite Christmas  artists, Patience Brewster. I own a "pudding" girl from  one of the PB series, but no Christmas trees. There are so many that I like. 
Patience Brewster  tree/doll 

Patience Brewster Christmas tree dolls - Krinkles 

Patience Brewster Tree doll and candle holder 
As well as the many  mixed media doll artists, there are are just as many creating from cloth or from knitting and crochet. And there is always a person to be found who creates something a little more quirky and whimsical than the usual. 


Felt doll 

Sequinned dolls 

Dotee doll 

And the kitsch... remember these toilet air freshener dolls?  I guess one's needed even at Christmas? 
I am left speechless so  I include the  wording on the photo  as explanation  "Just in time to spruce up bathroom for the holidays- a quaint air-freshener doll clothed as a decorated Christmas tree!" 

  So as not to end on that note, I  have added a primitive" Christmas tree doll with a pattern, and some lovely little pin dolls, created at Gumnut Dollies Newcastle three years ago  for a Christmas tree  challenge and a swap. 
Prim pattern 

Hope you are enjoying the variety of Christmas trees I have uncovered.... there are a few more  which may surprise you ...  please continue to count down to Christmas  with me. 

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