Monday, April 6, 2020

The 100 Day Project - tomorrow

Ready to get creative? Join the global community participating in 7th annual #The100Day Project . This project is a free art project that takes place online. Every year, thousands of people all around the world  commit to 100 days of creativity. Anyone can join. The idea is simple, choose an art project, do it every day and share the process on Instagram with the hashtag#The100DayProject or join the private Facebook group. 

Here's a hint of what I'll be doing... I have 100 coloured safety pins and one hundred tags.... can you guess? 

 Three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday,  I will be posting my progress here on this blog with explanations of the techniques or  you can follow my project on my Instagram or  Facebook page  


Friday, April 3, 2020

Bilby and Butterfly + a few friends

After making a tag for Tag Tuesday's theme Bunnies and Butterflies and changing the theme to suit myself to Bilby and Butterfly, I decided to make a few more as I had the fabric out on my work table. ... So here is another bilby friend and a possum - still chasing butterflies. 

And not being able to stop there , I took out some more fabric from my stash to add a couple of koala friends, delighting  in their playtime with butterflies. 

You could also try making some fun tags as gifts for friends - just cut out some motifs from print fabric and use iron on double sided adhesive to the fabric and attach in layers to the cardboard tag. 

These tags are available in my Etsy shop - free postage within Australia.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bilby and Butterfly

At Tag Tuesday, the current theme is Bunnies and Butterflies.... a celebration of Spring.   This is a heat appliqued fabric tag with an Australian touch. While I love Michele's theme and have nothing against bunnies,  I have not really kept exactly to the Tag Tuesday theme  - my tag is a Bilby and Butterfly.  Why? 
 For some years, I have been supporting "Save the Bilby" fund - a campaign to save a native endangered animal and its habitat. A bilby is a small marsupial and it has long ears like a rabbit. Especially at Easter, the campaign increases its presence, with chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies. 

Hope I am forgiven for going off on a tangent with my tag? 
More info about Bilbies - here