Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Locks and Keys for Tag Tuesday


For once, I have actually made tags for Tag Tuesday on Tuesday...  Wendy has  challenged us with this fortnight's theme  "Locks and Keys". For my first tag, I chose a  pre-cut "person" shape and simply pasted a page from a magazine which coincidentally was an advertisement for an event, called "Finders, Keepers" , I added some eyes behind some spectacles also cut from the same magazine, and a little lock embellishment to the ties. I originally was going to collage the shape with images of locks and keys but couldn't find enough but I thought the words were apt for this theme. 
My second tag for this theme is also a cut out from the same magazine.... the background "mansion" and the key ring. While the metal ring looks metal in this photo it is paper, and the key is a plastic one, made to look a little antique. While both these tags are super simple and were very quick to make, I enjoyed the almost accidental creation of these tags.
Remember to go to the Tag Tuesday site to look at what other talented artists are creating or join in yourself and post your creation for the theme.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Baby Love for Tag Tuesday

At Tag Tuesday this last fortnight , Michele  chose the theme "Baby Love" with the idea of Mother's Day on the calendar.  Thank you Michele, great idea!
 I drew and collaged this tag on Mother's Day last Sunday. It is such a simple idea - I sketched and coloured the two faces, looking wistfully out of a window, or at least that is the impression I was aiming for. The pot plants are cutouts from a magazine, and I re-coloured them with pencils. Their dresses are also paper cutouts from the same magazine. I may have stretched the "baby" into "toddler" but hope this interpretation fills the brief.
I made a tag quite a few years ago for Tag Tuesday and some of the TT regulars will recognise it, but thought it was worth pulling it our of the box again... yes it's me as a baby.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Brooching the Subject Competition

"Remembering" - Wood, Clay and Cloth Sculpture : Wilma Simmons 
Thank you to all who voted in the  recent People's Choice - Brooching the Subject Competition  held at Timeless Textiles Gallery ( Newcastle NSW Australia) . Special thanks if you happened to vote for my entry, 'Remembering',  a wall brooch pictured above. The winner with the most votes online was a beautiful felted piece, another wall brooch, entitled "  Papevero (Italian Poppy) " by Becky Williams.
Papevero : Becky Williams from  https://timelesstextiles.com.au/past-exhibitions/
The competition in the gallery was judged by renowned Queensland artist, Sylvia Watt - Here is  a video of what Sylvia decided and  said about the brooches... 
1. Water Guardian : Alysn Midgelow-Marsden ; 2. Amelia : Judith Bee ; 3. We are Connected - Trudi Nisbet 

All of the brooches can be viewed on the Timeless Textiles Gallery website here. Congratulations to all the artists who entered - the exhibition was amazing! 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Stick Dolls in Sydney

This Sunday 6th May, I will be running a workshop, 'Making Messenger of the Peace Dolls' in conjunction with the "Stitched up in Sydney" exhibition. With the  exhibition being a huge success,  this workshop is nearly booked out! If you can't make the workshop,  I  will also  be hosting a curator's talk afterwards from 4-6pm.   
If you are interested in  securing one of the last spots in the workshop or coming to the curators talk, please give  The Embroiderers' Guild NSW a call and they can give you more information on requirements and pricing!
Phone 02 9743 2501 or 02 9743 2293
Workshop requirements:

Please bring: a stick ( approx. 25cm-30cm long. However, size is not important -we can always cut it down to size) , small quantities/strips of favourite fabric (this can be any type - new or old , cotton, polyester, wool or felt), threads in coordinating or contrasting colours, a small quantity of alfoil (about 1 metre). If you are unable to provide any of these, please let me know so I can bring extra for you to use.

Please also bring scissors, needles and sewing thread.

I will provide polymer clay, paint/ antiquing medium, glue, foil tape, first layer wrapping strips, moulds to create a face, oven for curing clay.

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Week of April Days

April 21 - Tea Day - Amy pouring herself a cuppa. 
Sometimes, it is just fun to celebrate a week of special days when nothing very special is happening. This last week was one of those weeks for me. Starting off last Saturday, 21 April was "Tea Day" - a celebration of the amazing drink tea is. Tea is a wonderful drink that comes in a wide variety of different flavors, each of them having a distinct personality and character. It’s been used for everything from a simple morning libation to the central element of certain social and religious rituals. 

April 22 - Sunrise at Hall's Gap, The Grampians , Victoria

22nd April was Earth Day  which is not only a celebration but a call to protect our natural environment. it is customary for  groups and individuals to mark the day with community environmental activities.

  April 23 - English Language Day - Watercolour drawing and collage: Wilma Simmons 
Monday 23 April was the United Nationals English Language Day  English was a quiet language that began on a small cluster of islands off the coast of Western Europe, it slowly developed and spread through a few different permutations until one day, in an explosion of colonialism, it suddenly spread across the world like wildfire. It became the language of what was once the most powerful nation in the world and has since become the language of commerce in countries all over the world. English Language Day celebrates this language, its history, and its oddities! (from daysoftheyear.com) 

April 24 - Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day - stitched tea bag sculpture : Wilma Simmons

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day  commemorates the day in 1915 when hundreds of Armenian intellectuals were arrested in Constantinople (Turkey)  under government warrants. They were sent to exile and killed. The annihilation of the Armenian intellectuals was a part of a plan to exterminate Armenians in their homeland.  I chose the image of a tea bag sculpture also to pay tribute to Armen Rotch, an Armenian artist who creates amazing tea bag installations to raise awareness of the  one and half million Armenians  killed in the last years of the Ottomon Empire. 
April 25 - Anzac Day - Red Poppy and Nest - textile art : Wilma Simmons 

ANZAC ( Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand   to commemorate the  ultimate sacrifice of men and women  serving in wars, international conflicts and peacekeeping operations. The day was originally the day when the Anzacs attempted to take the Gallipoli peninsula  against the Ottomon Empire in  1915, World War I 

April 26 : Hug an Australian Day - Watercolour and ink drawings : Wilma Simmons 
26 April was Hug An Australian Day. This  is an annual event , founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy of the Wellcat.comwebsite. Though the origins of this event are unclear, Hug An Australian Day has quickly become popular over the last few years, and is celebrated by sending the likes of greeting cards and e-cards to Aussie friends.( from daysoftheyar.com)

April 27 - Tell a Story Day - BNeedle felted doll and teabag book : Wilma Simmons 

27 April - Tell A Story Day . This is a special day celebrated in USA and the United Kingdom. The aim of the day to get participants telling, sharing and listening to each others stories. It is a celebration of the art of oral storytelling in all of its many forms, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale, or folklore.

And so at the end of 7 very interesting days, I kept wondering tonight  if I should continue ... well, at least until the end of the month - such good celebratory days coming up "Save the Frogs Day, then "Zipper Day" and "World Jazz Day" .  N0 ... you just enjoy the remaining days of April!