Friday, July 12, 2019

"Here comes the sun" for Tag Tuesday

At Tag Tuesday  design team member, Michele is celebrating the summer sun in the northern hemisphere. Here in Australia, the winter sun is milder  but still shines brightly on clear crisp days.  Lately we have been experiencing quite grey days with heavy cloud cover, but the sun seems to peek out from behind for at least some of the day - my inspiration for this tag. 

My tag for this theme is paper collaged and then stitched by machine. The papers include magazine pages, prints of my own photos, gelli plate prints and mono prints with wax . I stitch paper collages with a very old Bernina Nova ( free form stitching with the feed dogs lowered) 

I am also including in this post some of the collaged envelopes I made for #The100 Day Project  - these envelopes were based on scenes or experiences I had while out walking each day for 100 days, so it is no surprise that  sunshine and sunsets were featured. 

All 100 collaged envelopes can be seen  on my Instagram  or Facebook