Sunday, June 21, 2020

A rose by any other name ...

The well known song says that it should be "raindrops on roses" as one of my favourite things, but this  morning, I am saying that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." What do I mean ? I don't have any roses blooming at the moment and so there are no photos of raindrops on roses. I do have flowers of other names in my garden that I think  are as beautiful just after rain. 

And, just out of interest, a final explanation from Literary Devices: 

Meaning of A Rose by Any Other Name

The importance of a person or thing is the way it is; not because of what it is called. Simply, it means the names of things cannot affect what they actually are. This line,  from Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" is, in fact, very profound, suggesting that a name is just a label to distinguish one thing from another. It neither has any worth, nor gives true meaning. Only an individual or thing has a worth when it deserves it; for example, even if we call a rose by an entirely different name, it would smell the same as it does by its name “rose.” Likewise, Juliet links this with Romeo, that his name is just a label, and that he would stay the same for her.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Feathers -Tag Tuesday

"Feathers " is the new theme for Tag Tuesday and as I am currently making #100pinpoems tags for #the100dayproject, I thought I would share some of the ones I made with 'feathers" as inspiration. 
The first is a fabric collage with a stitched bird. It captures a moment when I saw magpies on the lawn, appearing to keep their social distance. 
The second of the "feathered" tags is still about the magpies.... I startled a few when I went out into the garden. I was surprised as they were, I think, and all I seemed to see were black and white wings against the blue sky. 
The third of these tags is an "abstract" of some pigeon feathers on the underside of their wings. It is free form stitched collage d cotton paper. The pigeons which frequent our garden are crested and look very fashionable as if they are wearing little hats, and although their outside feathers are essentially grey, there are beautiful jewel tones on their wings when they are flying.   

The fourth tag  I am sharing with you today is suggestive of the amazing coloured feathers of a rainbow lorikeet.. We are very fortunate to have these bright colourful native birds in our garden every morning and their red, green purple and yello  feathers brighten the dullest day. 
Remember to pop over to Tag Tuesday to see the great tags created for the theme "feathers'  hosted this fortnight by Wendy. 

And for a blast from the past to end with - "Feathers appear when angels are near " -  created for Tag Tuesday in 2015.... 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

When the garden takes over ....

Stitching a 'garden' background - Wilma Simmons 
Using gardens as inspiration for art is long established practice in the fine arts, including textile arts. Monet's painting are amongst my favourite artworks and there is no shortage of  treatises about the gardens in art.
Some of my favourite textile artists ( like Anne Kelly) turn to gardens as a source of unending inspiration.
In a considerably more humble way, I have recently been featuring plants from our garden in my small wearable art pin series for #the100dayproject. Although we are in the winter phase of the garden where the colour palette is a more subdued, there are still some beautifully bright flowers, like the purple black eyed African daisies, late summer marigolds, tiny native violets and their potted cousins, violas. Even the pure white rice flower plant  appears to be shining in the soft sunshine . 
 Leaves from deciduous trees and plants even put on a display of colour as they turn Autumn gold and red - I have particularly enjoyed stitching these rich colours.  Even on the greyest of days, there is always something which attracts interest in the garden , even if it is a single leaf on the ground or caught in a spider web, or vegetable seedlings growing up towards the garden supports.  
#100pinpoems - Wilma Simmons 

#100pinpoems - Wilma Simmons 

I could honestly say that the garden has taken over my days - not only trying to get some late produce seedlings into the ground, but also taking photos and then interpreting my garden views in stitch. 

I wonder if the benefits of gardening will be doubled if I both spend some time tending the garden as well as depicting it in my art activities? Let's hope so...

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Yarn Bombing Day

Thu Jun 11th, 2020
Yarn Bombing Day
Pearl one, drop one?

Yarn Bombing Day is a day when fibre lovers all over the world go a bit crazy and ensconce everyday objects in woolly patterns. It is sometimes called yarn storming or guerilla knitting. 
from ABC Newcastle 

No matter what you call it, it is simply the practice of knitted  or crocheted works of art being added to public places.   For example some sort of colourful knitted pattern and wrap it around a bus stop. The aim of this practice was to try and take knitting from something that was viewed as merely for creating clothes and hats to something that could add meaning and colour to urban locations. It’s not like standard graffiti where the point is to mark your territory. It’s also definitely not an act of vandalizing. It is about creating a sense of belonging and conveying meaning, as well as drawing attention to something that is ignored by most people. Yarn Bombing Day, therefore, is simply a celebration of this tradition, raising awareness of the art of crochet and knitting while having a lot of fun in the process.  (from Days of the Year )

Last year, here in Newcastle, a very strange incident occurred where a busy corner was relocated and left the telegraph pole in the middle of the road. It became the obvious place for a bit of advertising for a good cause. My all time favourite example of yarn bombing was on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, Finland . In 2011, over 8,000 wool blankets were made for the bombing. These were all later donated to charities worldwide. 

So today, my bit for yarnbombing day is a mini version.... it is Day 66 og #the100dayproject and the series #100pinpoems. 
"They're called gureillas, /but they're peace-loving knitters./ Yarn Bombers unite! "  - yarnbombed driftwood wearable art pin. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Sea Glass Shanty

Wondering if I have the time,  I tentatively registered for the  Stitch Club. I started late but I have come to terms with being behind and will do the exercises when I feel in the mood ... my new formula  is: 
(collection of ideas + good mood + time opportunity)  - (hesitation + self doubts) = happy project 

 So this weekend, it was time to tackle the first workshop by artist, Debbie Lyddon. No problem with "ideas" This is what Debbie says..... 

" I walk, look and listen, I pick up an object and put it in my pocket. I make a container for it and place it ... in a place where I gather interesting objects together. I make connections and I tell stories.... 
This workshop is drawn from my love of walking, collecting, being curious , telling stories and making....  The challenge is to make three hand-stitched containers for a collection of three objects, natural or man made..."  from Stitch Club workbook 

 I painted cloth as suggested by Debbie - watered down  acrylic paint. . Then,  I thought as I wanted to make tiny containers for small pieces of sea glass that the cloth should be reminiscent of the ocean. Previously I have created art cloth which I called "Coastal Dreams" so I decided to reproduce this . There is such comfort in doing something familiar as a start to trying something new - a happy memory exercise. 

This art cloth is like a sea shanty itself. It rollicks along with space and time for improvisation.  Torn up bits of newspaper, threads and scraps of cheese cloth were applied with watered down paint mixed with gel medium. I then free motion machine stitched  over the whole cloth when dry, with the main purpose of making sure all the added bits were secured. Randomly, I stamped some patterns with rubber stamps and acrylic paint and highlighted areas with metallic rubs and wax crayons.Previously, I have used art cloth created like this for sculptural pieces ( samples pictured below) , so I was confident that this art cloth  made stiffer with  paint and embellishments would be really suitable for "containers "

With such beautiful thread in a shade called "Sandy Bay " all my materials were aligned with the theme. I chose three pieces of the brown glass to work with, and traced their shapes roughly to make templates for containers. Following Debbie's instructions, making grommets from wire for " peep holes" and  hand stitching, I worked with rhythms of the ocean and before long, a series of containers with enticing glimpses of what they contain.  While these containers brown glass, I also made the happy discovery that other coloured pieces also fit. 

What next  with these - Shall I keep them as Debbie does in a place where special pieces gather to tell stories? Shall I add a cord to make a pendant? Or a pin to make a brooch? Will they be ad addition to one of my dolls ? ... or shall I just make some more? 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Petal Pouch - Amethyst Garden

I love making little stitched items which are useful but have a touch of whimsy about them....  I don't make them often but I have released this one for sale in my Etsy shop. 

The beautiful spring garden colours of this floral print make this little pouch a perfect gift for someone special.
The pouch is small but surprisingly roomy - enough space to hold a few keys, money, secrets, or those special little treasures or it can hang as a decorative item on a wall or dressing table .
The pouch and lining are made from quality cotton fabric, with a double drawstring and hand stitched fabric beads. The feature of pouch is the folded fabric flower and suffolk puff embellishment, enhanced by the fabric covered button, hand painted face.

Size height 10cm/4 ins; Width when closed 5cm/2ins when open 13cm/5ins
Contents of pouch pictured  are not included.

Free shipping within Australia. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dance .... with leaves and animals

Dancing my way to Tag Tuesday this week  for the theme "Dance-Dancers- Dancing" . Here I used torn bits of inked paper with other bits from concert advertising. All I could think of was kinetic energy and how I could convey that as a collage of contemporary dance. I liked the swirls of mark making  because they remind of  dance painting..... no words can explain this  better than the sight of it in action. 

In the past week,  I have also been  mesmerised by the  beautiful coloured autumn leaves which look as if they are dancing in the breeze as they fall from trees . (Remember, I am in the southern hemisphere so it is just the start of our winter). 

Attention -seeking 
Against a bushland backdrop 
Golden leaves dancing 

( a free motion stitched wearable art pin  #100pinpoems in #the100dayproject ) 

Sadly I was a little late photographing the tag I made for the previous theme "Animals" but I include it here .... I am sure some of those animals are dancing in her  hair  ( perhaps not the large lazy dog?) .... this is a simple collage tag drawing inspiration from a fun book , entitled " Animals in My Hair. "

Thank you Tag Tuesday for these little challenges.