Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas Countdown 23 : Christmas Tree #3 - "Re-cycled"

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Advent Blog - Day 3: "Re-cycled" 

What is the least likely object to create a a Christmas tree with? It has to be a bicycle, but it's been done. In Shenyang, China,  230 bikes were used to create a huge Christmas tree in a shopping mall.
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In Australia, cycle trees have been a little more modest . In Sydney, NSW,  a beautiful sculpture , a Christmas tree,  was created in The Rocks  with 100 bikes with painted green frames and colourful wheels. 

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 In a NSW  regional town, Lismore, each year the city council workers create a Christmas tree from recycled materials . Trees they have created have been from old road signs, tyres and of course bicycles ...  from The Daily Telegraph The Christmas tree was made with parts from more than 90 bikes, 50 litres of white paint, almost half a tonne of steel, around $30 worth of coloured mis-tints from the paint shop, and a lot of love and Christmas spirit.”
Source : The Daily Telegraph 

Of course, if you didn't want to use the whole bicycle, other amazing trees have been created from bicycle parts ... wheels, pedals, cogs and  chain ...   

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If you are cycling enthusiast and just don't have enough  bikes or parts to spare this Christmas, there are lots of decorating ideas for Christmas tree ornaments created from  a cog or lengths of bicycle chain. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings - something a little more conventional perhaps? 

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