Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Optical Illusion with Embroidery

The third exercise of the year in my Creative Embroidery Course had me quite out of my comfort zone. The theme was creating optical illusions with stitch and transparent quilting. Not being a quilter, I had no idea what transparent quilting is and found it difficult to find any instruction online.
So on with the challenge of drawing and cutting up the images to create an optical illusion. This part of the exercise went well, and I was amazed at the illusions created by using such simple shapes.
So hard to believe that the same sized shape is retained in the cut up collages! 

Then the rest of the exercise was all guess work. I got the part of cutting the pieces out of felt and placing them between two pieces of organza correct. I now realise  after receiving feedback from my assessor that I should have quilted along each  of the felt pieces to keep them in place between the organza. I did something far more creative! Well that's what my very gracious assessor said! I thought it was very sweet of her to say that...
 It was also suggested that instead of using a patterned fabric as a background, a plain white would have distracted less. I think that decision to use a babushka fabric  is indicative of my confused state of mind while I did this embroidery  . I should know "less is more". Having put a place of white paper behind the work really does  improve it. Although the feedback was not entirely positive, I really enjoyed the optical illusion exercise and learnt a lot  more this month than before - and that is what doing this course is really about! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Flying Free : free workshops on Wednesdays

Free Wednesday workshops starting 20 May 2015
 at Timeless Textiles, 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle . 
10.30am - 12.30pm. 
Textile art birds - 2016 International Women's Day Project.

 In March 2015, visiting British textile artist, Abigail Brown kindly designed this bird and gifted Timeless Textiles a bird pattern for International Women’s Day 2016.

Every Wednesday in our free creative workshop program, we will be creating birds -using some of the 2000 fabric tiles (from the ‘Letting Go’ celebrations: 2015 International Women’s Day)

The birds will fly free amongst the Norfolk pines outside the gallery, attached by white ribbon to celebrate next International Women’s Day (March 8 2016).

All proceeds will be donated to women's and children's refuges in the local area. 

The fabric and Abigail Brown’s template will be available for participants to use at each free workshop on Wednesdays. “Flying Free” kits may also be purchased for $20 if you are interested in making some birds at home (kits include Abigail Brown’s pattern and fabric tiles) Please book a place in a workshop by joining the event on Facebook  
Phone during opening hours (02) 49265888