Current Workshops  Offerings
Art Doll Workshops : 
1. WoW - Woman of Wisdom  - embellished stump doll with either cloth head or clay head.  This is an art doll workshop .... either offered as a series of workshops or  2 full days  days! 

2. Message/Story  Stick doll - doll made with found objects and upcycled cloth.  ( one day) 

3. Elemental totems - stick doll variation , with sculpture  ( one or two days, depending on surface decoration of fabric) 

Mixed media workshops : 
1. Temari - embroidered wrapped balls in traditional style.   

2. Dipping Into Tea - tea and embroidery on canvas with photo transfer on fabric.  ( two days) 

work by Judith Bee, workshop participant. 

3. Tea Bag sculpture:   small paper vessels - made with used tea bags. (one day) 

4 > Art Collage  ( fabric and paper)

5. Snail Mail Art  ( 2 days)  Collage using envelopes, notes, letters ....

6. Artist Books  (2 days)

 2020 Workshop Bookings : 

August - Timless Textiles: Snail Mail Art 
September - Scrap Needs : Temari 

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