Friday, August 26, 2011

Timeless Textiles Exhibition

From the  Newcastle Herald today
Tactile textiles by top fibre artists

BY AMY EDWARDS  Photo by Dean Osland
26 Aug, 2011 04:00 AM
THE best of Newcastle’s fibre and textile artists have welcomed the opening of a gallery in Islington to show their work.
Timeless Textiles, the brainchild of Newcastle fibre artist Anne Kempton, opened in Beaumont Street, Islington, last night.
‘‘I knew there was a niche and an important one for this style of art. This is high end work and it features 19 artists,’’ she said.
The exhibition Revealed: Uncovering the Beauty of Fibre Art features the work of Newcastle, national and international artists ranging from natural fibre clothing designs, wall art, sculptures and 3D hangings.
Wilma Simmons, a former high school principal, has created a series of dolls using natural fibres.
‘‘This is a really rare opportunity. There are so few galleries not only in NSW but Australia to promote excellence in fibre and textile art,’’ Mrs Simmons said.
‘‘Unlike conventional forms of art these are meant to be touched and felt. The whole experience is very tactile.’’Mrs Simmons began creating dolls and sculptures while she was principal at Callaghan College Wallsend Campus as a way to alleviate work stresses.

...... and hopefully this will help to introduce the new series of workshops starting next week.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arty Places:Timeless Textiles

In my 2011 series of  blog posts on  inspiring Arty Places, I am very excited to  feature the newest gallery in Newcastle - Timeless Textiles, a rare treasure amongst art galleries which is devoted to celebrating excellence in fibre art. When I first visited, I was stunned by so much beauty in one place and left reluctantly but feeling culturally and spiritually uplifted. Anne Kempton, the owner of this special art space, is committed to sharing her passion for textile art and has worked tirelessly for months to make her dream a reality of the finest quality... some images of the fibre art currently displayed in Timeless Textiles.   

The first exhibition, Revealed:Uncovering the Beauty of Fibre Art will showcase  the finest work of international, national and regional  fibre artists  and the invitation encourages you to to "immerse yourself in the complex beauty of traditional and contemporary textile practice.

Having had a preview of some of the fibre art which may be included in the exhibition, I am in awe of the beautiful work Anne has managed to gather for this unique exhibition. I feel rather overwhelmed, humbled and honoured that I may have a few pieces chosen for this exhibition. Here is one of my beaded amulet bags, ( all Delica beads) which you may see in the exhibition.
And now is the time to book for any of the series of textile workshops Timeless Textiles is offering in the next few months from Jan Clark, Wendy Scott and me.  Contact Timeless Textiles for more details about the workshops and to book your place for this opportunity to learn and develop techniques to create fibre art of excellence.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Workshops and Witches

What a week - four days of workshops and a witch doll project dinner with Gumnutters Doll Group!
I spent a whole day dyeing every bit of cotton and velvet fabric in sight, preparing a great stash for future projects. All of this fabric has been dyed with procion dyes. This was a wonderful day with textile artist, Roberta Hodgson.

My class with the Sydney high school students was great fun, too. We did some wet felting, but it seemed to prove that glittery butterflies and love hearts are favourites amongst fifteen year old girls, whatever their background, circumstances and aspirations.

The weekend was a Gumnutters' birthday celebration with the "unveliing" of the witches travelling doll project on Friday. . There were two groups of four and the project was "a body in a bag" , with each person working on the other three group members' dolls  with a theme of witches and wizards , but no wizards appeared. My multi-coloured organge/purple and green body returned, looking very mischievous, complete with a Laurel Burch cat.

On Saturday and Sunday, we spent the days with  the wonderfully talented  dolll maker, Ann Maullin who showed us her techniques of wrapping armatures. While this workshop has been popular in the past both in Australia and in the USA, it was  inspiring to see everyone using Ann's techniques to create unique figurative art/soft sculptures. Mine isn't finished yet, but I have visions of some sort of water sprite, I think.

However, this week looks as though it will far more mundane. While most of the housework and cooking has been taken care of, this pile has been  growing while I' ve been out playing. This is what greeted me this morning....