"Leaves of Distinction " 
Textile/Mixed Media art using tea bags and tea dyed fabrics. 
18 September - 12 October 2014 
Timeless Textiles Gallery, 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle East 
for more information about this art work contact Timeless Textiles - anne@timelesstextiles.com.au

Here is a video explanation of some of the techniques 
Lu Tong's Seven Cups of  Tea 
The Tea Masters of Assam - The Connoisseur, the Merchant, the Purveyor 
Bohea - a variation of Lapsang Souchong Tea 
There once was a man from Vienna, Who lived on a tincture of Senna,
When that did not agree, he drank camomile tea, That nasty old man from Vienna. 
There once was a man on the Border, Who lived in the utmost disorder,
He danced with his cat and drank tea from his hat, Which vexed all the folk on the Border. 
There once was a man from Dumbree, Who taught little owls to drink tea,
For he said"to eat mice. is not proper or nice, That amiable man from Dumbree" 
Rose Keemun - black tea with rose petals 
Masala Chai - black tea flavoured with Indian spices 
Lady Grey - variation of Earl Grey tea 
Falling leaves - leaves captured between waxed tea leaves
Flowers 1, 2 & 3 

Red Zinger Sky 1, 2 & 3 

Tea Travels 1,2 & 3 

August Moon 1 - West Lake Pagoda , Hangzhou 

August Moon 2 - Wild Goose Pagoda , Xian 

August Moon 3 - Central Hall Birmingham UK 

August Moon 4 - St Stephan's Passau Germany 

Between dinner and tea - Sophia Rose Redrup 

Votes for Women - Mary Jane Russell 

Sitting in the shade drinking tea - Su See 
Solitary tea - Jan See 

Tea Travels 4,5 & 6 - Mando PNG 

Book of Seasons 

Book of Leaves and Opal 

Tea Tags
Tea Thoughts - Message Stick Dolls selection

Wise Women Exhibition 2012 at Timeless Textiles gallery 

Chatting about the exhibits on video


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