Sunday, October 25, 2015

Arty Places #15 - Newcastle Embroiderers

 What is a pop -up exhibition?
 "pop-up exhibition is a temporary art event, less formal than a gallery or museum but more formal than private artistic showing of work. The idea began in 2007 in New York City where space for exhibiting artistic work is very limited. Although the idea originated from New York City, pop-up exhibitions occur all around the world. " from Wikipedia 
Yes, even right here in my own suburb... The Newcastle Branch of the The Embroiderers' Guild recently held a pop-up exhibition of members' work   just for a day on a public holiday in October, thus transforming the New Lambton Community Hall into a very "arty place" indeed. I am happy to include this exhibition in this blog series. 
I was really impressed with the variety of work and the high level of skill displayed in so many different techniques. It is so reassuring to see such beautiful pieces using the traditional techniques. There were some exceptional examples of hardanger and pulled thread work. Unfortunately I don't have photographs of that work, but here is a Pinterest link to hardanger with thousands of images of this wonderful Nordic technique and another Pinterest link to drawn and pulled thread to inspire. Below are a couple of  other pieces in the background 
 On display too was some contemporary interpretative embroidery and I was particularly taken with some dimensional embroidered works. When I inquired, one of the embroiderers told me about a technique where corn pads ( yes, those ones you use for your feet!) are used as base padding to raise the embroidery. I enjoy hearing about innovative uses of everyday items to create art ! 
I applaud the addition of quilts in this pop-up embroidery exhibition. Because I am not a quilter and  do not approach work of  large dimensions , I admire even more the workmanship in the quilts which were on display and the commitment of these quilters to complete such art works which each have their own  narrative. 
Congratulations to the Newcastle Branch of the The Embroiderers' Guild  NSW on this initiative to showcase their work to the community. It is essential to the culture of  our community, now and in the future, that groups like this exist and encourage creativity by sharing skills, knowledge and achievement. 
"The creative arts are the measure and reflection of our civilization, .... The moral values we treasure are reflected in the beauty and truth that is emotionally transmitted through the arts. The arts say something about us to future generations. " ...  Ann Khan

For more information about the group, follow the  link to The Newcastle Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild  which meets on Mondays 10am - 9pm  at the New Lambton Community Hall. Approximately 90 embroiderers get together to chat and stitch from 10am, while most have left by 2pm, there is a small group that are still there when the Night Group  members start to arrive later in the afternoon, usually after work.