Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Anything Goes ...with a touch of lime green

Anything goes and add a touch of lime green  says Wendy from the design team from Tag Tuesday, and that is exactly what I did for the current challenge .. all a bit of an experiment.

Here is how I created these tags ....
1. Tear up some magazine pages and randomly glue on a base sheet of paper 

2. Measure approximately that a tag size has been covered with torn paper. 

3. Make a paper mask to find the part of the collage which looks best for the tag. 

4. Cover the collaged paper with a stencil ( this is a Tim Holtz stencil) and  dab acrylic paint  on the stencil . Have an old plastic gift card or credit card ready. 

5. Push the paint through the stencil with the card. This does not have to be evenly distributed. 
6. Remove the stencil carefully. I quite like the way the random pattern seems to make the collage more cohesive and it has softened the obvious bits like the number 4 

7. All that is left to do - cut the piece to fit the tag,  punch a hole and add a hanger. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Music - Tag Tuesday

from : http://quotesblog.net/music-quotes-on-pics-and-cards/
Such a long time since I have written a blog post .... I have neglected both my blog and Tag Tuesday in the last month or so, but here I am back with renewed enthusiasm.
This fortnight and I am just meeting the deadline the theme is Music - there are  many links to fantastic musically creative tags here on the Tag Tuesday blog ... I used one old piece of sheet music ( I think my children now in their 40's had this when they were in their high school band)  and made six tags from it.
Dance - Tag Tuesday - Music 

The first uses the music as a background and I cut and glued a piece of interesting fabric over the top - I think these are people enjoying a good old fashioned dance.
The Mikado - Tag Tuesday - Music 

The second also uses the music as background, and a photocopy from a book about Gilbert and Sullivan  about  the ban on playing the Mikado in England in 1907. Japan had just beaten Russia at war and was considered an emerging world power.  England behaved cautiously when Japanese Prince Fushimi made an official visit . Lord Chamberlain withdraw the licence for stage presentations of The Mikado for fear of offending the Japanese! Little did Government authorities know  that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote the musical as a thinly veiled parody of all things English!
Assorted tags - Tag Tuesday - Music 

And the  what do you do with scraps of paper left over, especially those previous bits of the musical sheet? What about some scrappy quirky tags? These are four   smaller tags, using magazine cut outs and  paper scraps and doodles. Just a bit of fun!