Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ethereal Threads : Textile Art

Meredith Woolnough is a beautiful talented young artist. Her current work is exquisite, stunning, engaging and awe inspiring. As you can see from the images, Meredith reproduces the beauty of nature in stitch – literally thousands of metres of embroidery thread stitched onto a background which is later dissolved. What remains is like a delicate “skeleton", but somehow with depth of colour, movement and strength. I think what is conveyed in Meredith’s work is overwhelmingly the love and reverence for her natural subject matter and her intimate knowledge of its structure.   

Meredith’s latest exhibition is called “Ethereal Threads”, superbly presented at Timeless Textiles.  It is a collection of framed fine art which demonstrates Meredith’s attention to the details of presentation – each of the large pieces is pinned to archer paper and the play of shadow on the paper enhances the beauty of each.  There are  finely detailed delicate bowls which invite you to lift them gently and admire every stitch in wonderment. I particularly love the smaller pieces floating in resin as if they have been captured just so we can have the pleasure of looking at them closely.   

I  met Meredith in March this year when she came along to help display the hundreds of paper dolls in the Wise Women exhibition at Timeless Textiles but have only been recently aware that Meredith has been taking out prizes for this beautiful work all over the country. Awards include the Winmalee Mixed Media Artist 2012 and the Port Stephens Fibre Artist 2012. None of this recognition  is surprising …. Meredith Woolnough’s art  “ reminds you that you have a soul.”

 The only other thing left to say is that if you are going to only one exhibition this year, make sure it is "Ethereal Threads" at Timeless Textiles Gallery  – not to be  missed. 
Make time to nurture your soul... 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Giveaway Winners

 Thank you to all who entered the birthday blog giveaway and thank you for your good wishes, too.
The process of choosing the winners started at 10am Australian Eastern Standard time today, with a very trustworthy and  independent assistant. I can guarantee that she had no vested interests.
All the names of the participants were put into a felt bowl, and my assistant chose three - one at a time.

Congratulations to winners : 
Maegan Morin, Leilani Lyons, and Jennifer 57! 
 I will contact you now to decide who gets what and to get your postal address so the gifts can be posted as soon as possible. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Giveaway - Gifts for You on My Birthday

Giveaway Gifts
This week is blog giveaway time! Last week I celebrated my birthday.  I’ve had far too many to count the candles, but I had a wonderful party on the weekend with my family - with an indulgent birthday cake, favourite foods cooked by my husband and great company. ( In case you were wondering about the writing on the cake , Por Por = Chinese grandmother) 

  I also got great gifts from  my family and friends. There seemed to be a bit of a theme this year – with many of my gifts and cards depicting matryshoka ( babushka) dolls and tea drinking.  

As it is also winter here in Australia,   it was easy for me to  decide what I could offer as gifts  in this birthday giveaway. All the gifts are handmade by me.

Gift 1 - two little fabric matryshoka dolls 
Gift 2- a little bag made from colourful teapot and teacup fabric . The design is called a jester bag, but it is suitable for carrying small craft projects, a tea cup or even some tea making supplies! 

 Gift 3 - four little tags I made for Tag Tuesday much earlier in the year,  for the 'snow' theme. 

All you need to do to win one of these prizes is to leave a comment including your first name and an email  contact - go to the comments at the end of this blog post. 

Here are the details applying to this giveaway.
  1. To be eligible, leave a comment with your name and contact. This is an international giveaway. All entrants need to have a postal address to receive gifts, but don't give me your postal  address until I contact you as a winner. 
  2. A random draw of three (3) names will be completed on Friday, 10 August, 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  3. Three winners will be contacted as soon as possible after the draw is completed.
  4. First name drawn can choose which prize, second - next and third – what is left.
  5. Gifts will be posted by standard air mail via Australia Post.
  6. The giveaway gifts will be those  depicted in the photos. No appeals and no correspondence will be entered into after the giveaway is completed. 
If you would like to be a winner of one of these handmade gifts, don't hesitate - the entry deadline is Friday 10 August 2012, - good luck!