Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Countdown 19: Christmas Tree #7 - Canned!

 Childrens' craft:

Advent Blog : Day 7 - Canned! 
I can feel that many of you are wondering if it's worth reading further after seeing the photo above  ... yes, today's Christmas trees are made from tin cans.  Another great recycling idea...
 Obviously  there's an art to stacking these Christmas trees...

The larger the tree, the greater the skill required. as in the case 
of a Christmas tree made of tin cans at the Church of Santo Laurensius at Tangerang, Banten province, Indonesia, Dec. 18, 2015. A total of 10,000 cans donated by church members form a Christmas tree  8 metres high.  From The Global Times 

If you don't have the skill, you may have to  take the easy way out and resort to a tree of cans like this... 
Most of the 'canned" trees appear to be in public places , but some obviously create  more personalised trees, like this one given to a teacher as a Christmas gift. 

Others have shown a bit more flair to complement their Christmas home decorating. 

  Ssh - I quietly admit I am not a great fan of tin can trees . I think they display a very clever concept and even some artistic flair, but during the research for this blog post, I was more taken with the Christmas decoration created from the ring pull tabs on drink cans. 
For me,  I'll pass  on the canned trees - the cans will be going into the recycling bin this Christmas. Perhaps I'll keep the pull tabs... 
And what might be afoot tomorrow - I promise you another interesting idea to create an unusual Christmas tree. 

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