Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Non-Committal Collage Anything Goes

Have you heard of non-committal collage?   I hadn't until one of the other participants of the 100 Day Project started doing this each day and showing the results....  Here are  Peggy's  rules : 
1. Select 9 scraps of paper from  collage box/stash 2. Make three  different compositions using each scrap at least once.  (some pieces can be used more than once) 3. Do not alter the scraps of paper in any way. 4.Do not use glue. 5.Take photo, disassemble and return scraps to box. 
 I thought this would be a fun and quick exercise to do for Tag Tuesday's theme , Anything Goes... so here are my "non-committal collage" tags.... 

Did you spot the nine pieces? Would  you like to suggest some titles?  And I repeated the exercise before putting back the 9 scraps of paper, so these are different items. 

Hope you will try this exercise -  it is lots of  fun and anything goes ... in nine different ways!  While I have done this using a tag as a background, you can use any size background or paper. 
Thank you Collage Explorations for this idea.... check out Peggy's  creations on Instagram ! 

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  1. This sounds like s fun way to spend an hour or three. Love the tags, and I will give this a tr when I have time. Thanks so much for linking to Tag Tuesday, much appreciated, hugs, Valerie


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