Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway

Once upon a time in 2007,  a  whimsical bohemian called Lisa created a world event, One World One Heart. The aim was to bring bloggers from all over the world together … to discover and engage with like minded bloggers and perhaps win a prize, too. In the beginning there were 85-90 participants and last year, there were 911 participants from 28 different countries. Last year, I found out about this wonderful opportunity to spread goodwill too late to join in, so now let’s get on the magic carpet and take a message of peace wherever we go in 2010.

My magic carpet dreams took me to the realm of flight, light, mystery, exotic places, new worlds…. and visions of splendid dragonflies. I found this wonderful description here at wiki answers.  Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. "Let there be light" is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination as a force within your life. They help you to see through your illusions and allow your own light to shine in a new vision. The dragonfly spirit is what I hope accompanies my giveaway – a hand stitched Japanese style dragonfly cache and a tiny pair of felt dragonfly fairy shoes, also hand embroidered.

All you need to do to be the winner of the One World One Heart 2010 giveaway from this blog is to leave me a comment. Please make sure I will be able to contact you from your link in the comment or please leave an email address. Get your magic carpet into action and please leave a message before midnight, 14 February Pacific Standard Time (US/California) even though I live in Australia. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on 15 February. Let there be light, may the dragonfly force be with you, and may your magic carpet take you to the places of your dreams. 
Thank you Lisa for creating and hosting this great event - discover more about One World One Heart .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Handmade Treasures Inspiration

Since the beginning of the year, I have been struggling to find new inspiration, so this week I referred to a new book. Here is a dragonfly cache I made this week, all stitched and beaded by hand. It is a small hold-all for cosmetics, jewellery or just little trinkets.  My inspiration was this lovely book I got for Christmas - so appropriately named "Handmade Treasures from the Heart". It only arrived last week, as my husband bought it for me online, and the seller sent the wrong book . This one is so much better than the anatomy book sent by mistake!

I am also inspired by my friends. I spent an afternoon recently with my very creative and productive friend, Bobbi from LamboArt. She has been making sumptuous Santas. These beautiful  art doll creations are certainly enough to inspire anyone.

Spending time with my family is not only relaxing it is also inspiring and motivating. A couple of days ago, we took our older grandchildren fishing ... our four year old grandson took these photos. I think they are very creative for a four year old photographer - inspirational!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What colour makes you feel good?

Today my sister-in-law had an operation on her pelvis. Before going to the hospital, we were talking about her friend who told her that she needed to think “yellow” as a special healing colour. I had coincidentally been reading about colour therapy, so we spent the morning researching and discussing theories about healing and colour. Here’s what we discovered about yellow from :

"YELLOW relates to the solar plexus chakra, situated below the ribs The organs to which this chakra relates are the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine. The endocrine gland is the pancreas. Healing properties: Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent colour for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles. Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains)…. “ So while my sister-in-law was in the operating theatre this afternoon, I made a yellow healing doll for her. I took it to her tonight and even though she was still quite drowsy just out of the recovery room, she seemed delighted with it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it.

All of this took me in another direction – finding out more about the healing powers of plants. I took this photo of my beautiful orchid in flower. This is one of the plants I saved from a supermarket. I think it is just another one of the funny things I do: rescuing half dead plants which have been neglected in supermarkets. I am sure you have all seen them at the front of stores, usually at discounted prices. This orchid I bought a few years ago for 50 cents, and it was very, very sick, but just look at it now. I am not sure if the orchid does have any healing powers, but it makes me feel good to look at these flowers. Perhaps you will be tempted to save an ailing plant when you see one at the supermarket or a nursery.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Go Green

2010 crept up on me, but I did make some New Year's resolutions.
I am going to try to make less waste, especially with creative resources and to clean up my workroom after each project. I've done well so far, but 361 more days yet...  Ruth's bag (pictured) finished just before Christmas is a good example of using up bits and pieces of yarn and wool and recycling a handbag to create an altered, unique, scrumbled creation.  The wooden button is also made by my husband from offcuts of timber. By the way, my friend, Ruth was happy with her bag, too.
Between Christmas and New Year, I attempt to rid our house of unwanted clutter, so when I was going through old cards, I thought they were all so beautiful I should do something with them. Easy - I used the cuttlebug and cut the fronts of  greeting cards from years past to make hundreds of colourful and useful gift tags. I now have a supply of gift cards for all occasions. Perhaps you recognise a card you may have given me in the past?

Of course, I also have lots of little pieces of fabric . Before putting away the Christmas prints, I made these little Christmas tree brooches. They are made by fusing two pieces of cotton fabric offcuts together, cut in semicircle shapes (about 10cm diameter)  and then folded and embellished to look like festive trees. These would also look great cut from double sided decorative paper. For these little brooches, I adapted a pattern I saw on for table napkins last August.

Holiday time is such fun to enjoy with family. We had New Year's day with our children and grandchildren - eating leftovers from New Year's Eve parties. Then the  two older boys also had a sleepover with us, and really had a great time.  Go, 2010 - what a positive start to the year!