Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Countdown 2 : Christmas Tree#24- Last Minute

Branch with Christmas ornaments 
Advent Blog Day 24 - Last Minute. 
I have a friend who always says " If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done!"  Today's post is for the 'last minuters' and  the busy -  some great ideas with spectacular results, all using materials you can find easily around the home  and assemble quickly with minimum equipment....  

Go for a quick walk and find some branches or collect some bits of wood from your garden or shed.... just a single branch with a few shop bought decorations  or some acrylic paint can create some magical effects. 
Branch with lights 

Bits of wood decorated with paint 

Wood, string and a few ornaments 
Most people I know have balls of wool, yarn or string in a stash at home , just stack them up and there's a Christmas tree like no other in your neighbourhood.  In fact, you only need one ball of string or yarn to make a small table top tree. 

Woollen yarn - ready for knitting 

Balls of wool 

Tutorial - Table top tree with one ball of yarn 

For paper lovers - forget using the paper doilies for Christmas fare  and don't throw out  those magazines and  newspapers... 

Paper doilies in a window 

 Magazine pages and newspapers 

Or look amongst your office supplies for those sticky notes , or for a really personal Christmas tree , use some family photos with lights to impress your relatives. 
Sticky notes ( post it notes) 

Family photos 

Party balloons could be the answer to your last minute festive tree or  just suspend  from the ceiling some of those baubles you have in your Christmas decorations box.

Balloons and more balloons 

Suspended Christmas baubles 

Chalkboard tree 
 One of my favourite last minute Christmas trees does involve  a little bit of effort  - this chalkboard tree could be decorated with stickers or handmade paper ornaments to make it truly festive and sparkly. This  chalkboard 'diy" tree does mean, however,  painting a wall with chalkboard (blackboard) paint first, unless of course you already have a wall like this . 

I like this idea because not only can you create your own Christmas tree, but you can create a whole scene, regardless of the weather outside. 
 Chalkboard Christmas Scene 

 Oh and  I wish I hadn't sent off my coffee mug stand  to the charity shop last week.... 
Wooden coffee mug stand  - I used to have one just like this! 
I am a little sad writing this today, as tomorrow is the last of the Advent blog for another year.... there are so many more crazy, bizarre,unusual, beautiful and exotic Christmas trees to share but we have run out of days. Hope you have enjoyed this little exploration of Christmas tree ideas ... I have. Please join me for one last post tomorrow. 

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