Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Our Place - a time for...

No - this was not Christmas at our place. This is our grandson at the beautiful lights at Hunter Valley Gardens. Much to our grandchildren's dismay, we have one string of lights on a tree in our garden, but we make up with lots of fun and festivities.
Christmas for us starts on the Sunday before Christmas Day with the annual Simmons Family Party  - a time for....
 catching up with cousins 

 sharing stories with the in-laws

preparing too much delicious food

presents from Santa Simmons
and of course, the annual family photo ...

 Christmas Day was with our wonderful family at our place - a time for ...
excitement - Santa came and filled the  stockings
brotherly hugs and festive costumes
opening presents .... a family affair

some need help .... from other family members

others didn't - they managed all by themselves.

great gifts - a budding drummer - I love my new socks - thanks Santa!

serious playing with new toys - did you say 'read the instructions'?
eating festive food - gingerbread and  Christmas mince pies -yum!

and peace, happiness and sweet dreams.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Handmade for Christmas

Here is a little Christmas beetle I made this week for a gift swap today. A "Dolly" friend, Chye'in made some beautiful little painted beetles in July and then shared the pattern. So this is my version of the pattern.... using some leftover spotty print fabric and layered fabric I made from scraps.  My dear friend, Connie chose the "number" for my doll and I think she was happy to receive it. 
Thanks Chye'in for the pattern to make these endearing little creatures. Here are Chye'n's originals....
I also received in return a doll using the same pattern.... This is such a cute little girl.
I have been to a few Christmas parties lately and  received beautiful handmade gifts. These delicately perfumed sachets have been hand embroidered by Fay and are absolutely exquisite - such fine work perfectly stitched.
And here is great idea - a fabric bon bon. Not only beautiful but reuseable - a rectangle of lined Christmas fabric, with a plastic insert stitched between the layers of fabric, and a velcro closure. The centre was filled  with laces and sewing bits and pieces, complete with a party hat and a Christmas cracker joke - and of course a snapper!  I was the lucky person to receive this bon bon and goodies in a gift swap. Clever idea, Toni.
Have a great week leading to Christmas... enjoy a relaxing time  - I certainly plan to, even if all my Christmas cards don't get posted in time.
I wish you all a very merry Christmas and special moments shared with family and friends during the festive season.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ABC -Awards Days, Birthdays and Christmas

Once you  turn the calendar to December it seems that it becomes one eventful week after another - all good things, but very busy. This week, we attended school  awards days, birthday parties  for our grandchildren and tried to do some preparations for Christmas like finish making presents, put up the tree and decorations and even do some shopping!

Awards Presentation at Rutherford Public School can be a serious event for six year olds.

Birthday Parties with cousins are ...

lots of FUN.
Do grandparents really need help with the Christmas decorations ? 
And a special Happy Birthday to our second grandson - five years old !      

.... And if you would really like to see some fantastic holiday images - the participants of the Doll Holiday Ball Swap have been revealed at Vagabond Creations ( please go and have a look at the 33 wonderful art dolls) ... Here is mine called " Dreaming of a White Christmas", now hopefully at home in USA.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade for a Good Cause

 My annual Handamde Treasures Sale is over again for another year - a lot of work setting up but worth it. Thanks to very talented friends and family there was an array of high quality beautiful work for sale and we raised a substantial amount as a donation supporting the women's and children's refuge and domestic violence centre here in Newcastle.

The first customer arrived on the dot of 8.30am and the last left at 5pm. We served tea and coffee throughout the day with delicious home made treats - crispy coconut cookies,Anzac biscuits and one of Jim's specialties -  olive palmiers. Even the creative need sustenance!

Thanks to the many valued supporters for making it a great day - Christmas shopping for a Cause.

... And a happy birthday to our youngest grandchild, Amy - one today!