Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bilby and Butterfly

At Tag Tuesday, the current theme is Bunnies and Butterflies.... a celebration of Spring.   This is a heat appliqued fabric tag with an Australian touch. While I love Michele's theme and have nothing against bunnies,  I have not really kept exactly to the Tag Tuesday theme  - my tag is a Bilby and Butterfly.  Why? 
 For some years, I have been supporting "Save the Bilby" fund - a campaign to save a native endangered animal and its habitat. A bilby is a small marsupial and it has long ears like a rabbit. Especially at Easter, the campaign increases its presence, with chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies. 

Hope I am forgiven for going off on a tangent with my tag? 
More info about Bilbies - here 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Together, We Play

Together, We Play is the name of of Facebook Group, initiated by a couple of friends and myself in response to the frightening rapid spread of Covid 19 - coronavirus - a creative response to disturbing times. The idea for the group was inspired by a concept we heard about in Canada - "caremongering" .

From BBC News : Just a few days ago the word "caremongering" did not exist. Now, what started as a way to help vulnerable people in Toronto has turned into a movement spreading fast across Canada.
More than 35 Facebook groups have been set up in 72 hours to serve communities in places including Ottawa, Halifax and Annapolis County in Nova Scotia, with more than 30,000 members between them.
People are joining the groups to offer help to others within their communities, particularly those who are more at risk of health complications related to coronavirus.
The pandemic has led to acts of kindness around the world, from delivering soup to the elderly in the UK to an exercise class held for quarantined residents on their balconies in Spain.
But in Canada, a country whose inhabitants are stereotyped in the media as kind to a fault, helping others has become an organised movement called "caremongering".
As it's all driven by social media, the altruism is arranged online and the hashtags provide a permanent record of all the good happening in different communities across Canada - an uplifting read in anxious times.

Together, We Play has a little twist - it's focus is on being creative together.... It’s time for caremongering. It’s time to be ourselves by being creative. Let’s join together in a community of care. We women are good at looking out for each other, we are good at nurturing, caring is at the core of us. Let’s start a world movement being together, looking out for each other, bringing out the best in ourselves and each other, being the best version of ourselves.

If you would like to join this group, please request an invitation - it is a private group, but we already have 1000+ members in just four days, so there are so many beautiful creative images being shared.

We have weekly themes to guide members' posting. Here is our current theme.... Being Fluid.

Theme 2: Being Fluid

How will you creatively respond to the theme 'Being Fluid'?
Will you draw, paint, sing, dance, cook, garden, sculpt, graph, video, slideshow, talk, craft, converse, bake? All modes and forms of creativity are welcome. You can respond today, you can respond every day, you can respond in a week. Take the time you need. Reflect.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Fearless Flowers Market - International Women's Day

A year of creating Fearless Flowers to raise funds for ovarian cancer research and the funding fairness campaign #Pink Meets Teal came to a happy end on International Women's Day, 8 March.  It was a great celebration of the Wednesday group's hard work, commitment and sense of community, with lots of support from friends, family and politicians from local, state and federal governments. 

The Wednesday Group at Timeless Textiles and Anne Kempton and I would like to thank everyone who attended, especially Deputy Lord Mayor, Declan Clausen,  State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp and Federal Member for Newcastle, Sharon Claydon who gave the International Women's Day address.  We also thank the Rotary Club of Wallsend-Maryland who helped on the day and the Makers and Traders, Newcastle for their amazing support and publicity during the lead up to the event. 

Most of all, we are very grateful to the many individuals and groups in Newcastle,  all over Australia and world wide who created beautiful flowers throughout 2019-2020 and helped us to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the need for immediate funding for research. Just from these handmade flowers, we have raised $16,000 approximately to support the ovarian cancer research team at Hunter Medical Research Institute.  

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Step Into Paradise - exhibition

I feel very fortunate this week  to have visited the "Step into Paradise" exhibition at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, Museum of  Applied Arts and Science... it was enthralling, amazing, and inspiring. 

From the museum website.... Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step into Paradise is the first in-depth survey that captures the dynamic energy of Linda and Jenny’s creative partnership. It draws on more than four decades of one of the most influential pairings in the history of Australian fashion, examining the influences, inspirations and the compelling stories behind their work.
Honoured as Officers in the Order of Australia for their contributions to Australia’s fashion industry, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson transformed the nation’s fashion and cultural heritage with their pioneering style inspired by Australia’s cultural and natural landscape, melded with their global influences.
The exhibition begins with their creative partnership in the 1970s at the Flamingo Park Frock Salon at Sydney’s Strand arcade and the sensational Flamingo Follies fashion parades, branching into their distinctive individual careers through to recent years including Jenny’s costume designs for the Sydney Olympic Games and their collaborations with Australian designers Romance Was Born.
Over 150 garments, textiles, photographs and artworks, many unseen, from the Museum’s own extensive collection are brought together with the designers’ personal archives.....  

What was equally impressive  to me  was the curation of this colourful and diverse exhibition - this exhibition was so beautifully and cleverly displayed from the artefacts and special garments on view at the beginning of the exhibition lit in the darkness behind glass to the explosion of colour in the reproduction of Flamingo Park, the iconic store in the Strand Arcade. These rooms and the Australian themed rooms were brilliantly staged. 

A truly memorable experience! If you haven't seen this exhibition, it's a must -  hurry, closing  next week!  

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Paris at Tag Tuesday

Paris Chef - art tag by Wilma Simmons 

I am enjoying a return to creating tags for Tag Tuesday, an online art tag challenge group. For many years, I made at least a tag a week  but recently found that I couldn't commit to it, so I stopped completely. Anyway, I have been squeezing a little time for this fun activity. All of these tags have collaged paper backgrounds, with a feature image... Paris Chef is one of the fun fabric prints from the Loralie range on a background of water coloured collage of magazine pages. 
Three French Hens in Paris : art tag by Wilma Simmons 
The collaged background of  Three French Hens in Paris is a downloadable collage sheet from The Pattern Boutique, with stamped images on magazine pages. ( I am not sure about the origins of the stamp, but I know it's been in my box of stamps for over 12 years!) 

The last tag I created for this theme was using up what was left on my desk, and I think I like it the best... an image cut from a magazine advertisement, collaged with scraps of paper serviette and the downloadable collage sheet , all pasted onto the next page of the magazine!

Here are links to other "Paris" themed tags, I've made in past years

Friday, March 6, 2020

International Women's Day 2020


This International Women’s Day, the Wednesday Group will be co- hosting the 2020 Fearless Flower Market and auction. All proceeds from this market/auction will support the Pink Meets Teal initiative, raising money to support Ovarian Cancer research.

Join us at Timeless Textiles Gallery (90 Hunter St Newcastle) for a free morning tea, live music, fun and, of course, fundraising!

for the last 12 months, the Wednesday group at Timeless Textiles has been creating beautiful handmade flowers for the fundraising and we have been supported by many textile atists and groups all around the country and overseas.

“Every cent from the market goes to a charity – this one is the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) for Nikola Bowden’s research, which is very cutting-edge about ovarian cancer treatment options.”

“There will be music, food, and a celebration of being women; everyone is welcome!” – Anne Kempton, Timeless Textiles

10.30am – 12pm Sunday 8th March
Timeless Textiles Gallery
90 Hunter St, Newcastle 2300

FREE delicious morning tea
FREE live music
FREE celebration of women
FUNDRAISING for Ovarian Cancer Research