Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Countdown 14: Christmas Tree #12 - Playful

Seoul :
Advent Blog Day 12 - Playful 
If you had to guess what would be the softest, most cuddly material to create a Christmas tree from, I  don't know if many would think 'teddy bear'. Obviously a number of people have, and  while I think the idea is a little bizarre, it's probably no more weird than some of the crazy Christmas trees we have already seen this month. There is no doubt that this is a playful idea, and a good one if you are in the business of retailing teddy bears.
Takashikaya, Japan :

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Beijing :

While teddy bears seem a favourite Christmas toy symbol, Disney creations have also found themselves front and centre in the Christmas tree stakes. This huge tree  (about 15 metres high) seen at London's St Pancras' station ( the same place which hosted the giant LEGO tree) was made entirely of stuffed  toy versions of Disney animated characters. 

St Pancras station :

Not quite as spectacular perhaps but equally cuddly are trees made from other children's favourites. I can't verify where these trees were made, but Hello Kitty might be a clue? 


Very few households could gather so many soft toys together to make trees of this size, but it could be a very good way of approaching "tidying up" if children were encouraged to stack their toys  in a Christmas tree formation,  if only for this season. 


And just because teddy bears are cute, whether they are stacked as Christmas trees or not, I am adding this link  for my blog followers who like to make teddy bears for donations to Red Cross,    women's and children's refuges, charity fundraising or hospital groups and other charities. 
I'll be back here tomorrow with some amazing Christmas trees to share with you. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Countdown 15 : Christmas Tree #11 - Disposable

Plastic cups
Advent Blog : Day 11 - Disposable 
We are all so much more conscious about ridding our landfills and oceans of plastic waste. For Christmas, here is a way to use up some of those disposable items which seem to multiply at holiday parties and celebrations, or perhaps you have just been saving them up for a creative use....Who would have thought coffee pods would make such stylish Christmas trees ? ...
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If you don't have one of those machines, then perhaps you have coffee on the run - Starbucks or Nescafe ? 

Nescafe cups
The disposable cups don' t have to be brand names to work well as materials for Christmas trees. Taking an engineering approach to plastic cup trees seems to be the answer for a more ornate result. 
from and

And for those who need a stir? 

or other plastic implements?

And if you're looking for a good school holiday Christmas craft idea, here is a video  showing how these plastic spoon or fork trees are created. 
Of course, I am not advocating that you start to use more disposable plastic stuff, but if you do have it lying around, please use it creatively like artist Jill Townsley who creates amazing sculptures from plastic cutlery and rubber bands. 
Let's go soft tomorrow - see you here at the same time, same place for Day 12 ....

Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Countdown 16 - Christmas Tree #10 - Write it, Draw it, Paint it!

Advent Blog Day 10: Write It, Draw It, Paint It...
When I first started to plan this blog, I was thrilled to find a Christmas tree made of  ballpoint pens and then I discovered all sorts of trees made from pencils, paint brushes and crayons too. However, the pen tree is still very impressive....  the video explains how this amazing tree is made.

 BIC pen tree :
Pen trees with lights may look grand , but I do love these little simple Christmas trees created from single pencils and their shavings.  Yes, we are so in the mood for Christmas when we can see a Christmas tree  being created while we sharpen our pencils.

Pencil sharpener shavings:

 Pencil shavings and a foam form:

 If you're like me, I have lots of coloured pencil stubs  lying around in my desk drawer, so what about this for a desk top Christmas tree? 

 Pencil tree :

Of course, also abandoned are those dried bristle paint brushes that I didn't wash out properly.... 
Even left over bits of crayon can have a new life as a Christmas tree.... All the bits are melted together, poured into a mould and a new chubby crayon for your favourite drawing.
If none of these ideas fit your artistic bent and you don't  fancy transforming  those pencils, brushes, pens  or crayons into Christmas trees,  use them to colour your own little tree. Here's the link to some templates. 

 If you are not too busy today,  make a cuppa and come back and watch this video which I am quite taken with. It's  about making a coloured pencil tree ornament, but warning it is 12 minutes long and you will need some wood working equipment.  

Let's save the planet tomorrow with Christmas trees - same place,  same time. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Countdown 17: Christmas Tree #9 - In the Dark
Advent Blog  Day 9 - In the Dark 
Who turned off the light?  If you find your lamps dismantled, it may mean a creative person in your household is making a Christmas tree.  'Tis the season of the lamp shade Christmas trees!

A more subtle approach can be taken ... 
And if you have some antique pieces , add some candelabra  to enhance the theme ...

 Typically the contemporary DIY  Home Decor TV shows are all over lampshade  Christmas trees. If this style is for you, the accompanying video will help you  have this tree in your living room in no time at all.

Don't feel left out if you only have one lampshade frame at your disposal. This looked like a neat idea to display the Christmas cards you receive - a  very festive mobile. 
Have you been busy trying out all these Christmas tree ideas ?  There will be another one tomorrow - I'll be back...
PS Yesterday there was a bit of confusion with the scheduling - you might have missed the post "What's Afoot? " Here's the link 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Countdown 18: Christmas Tree #8 - What's afoot?

Advent Blog Day 8 - What's afoot? 
A shoe tree - no, not that kind of shoe tree that makes your shoes fit better - a Christmas shoe tree. These designer shoes in appropriate Christmas colours make a spectacular display especially with the sparkly shoe on top. 

Do you think trees of thongs ( flip flops) and hiking boots  stack up as well?

 Ballet shoes, particularly pointe shoes,  seem an obvious choice for dance companies to recycle worn shoes. Given the Nutcracker Suite is a favourite ballet of the Christmas season,  a ballet shoe  tree shouldn't really be a surprise - this video shows what an English ballet company did.

From Tripadvisor photos 

We all don't have so many shoes which match ... Here is what a village did in Bali. This massive charity tree was created from abandoned  and second hand shoes and after Christmas, any shoes  in good shpae were donated to children and families in need. 


And in this festive season, let's not forget our animal friends - you might just have a few horse shoes lying around to create this fun tree. 

I'm happy so many are counting down to Christmas with me -  I'm enjoying this and I hope you are too. What might tomorrow's Christmas trees be created from?