Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tea on Thursday 7

I like stitching into used tea bag paper ... this was an experiment printing a photo onto tea bag paper. I then stitched into the image and stitched the whole thing onto cotton fabric. By the way, I call these paper daisies, but according to Wikipedia "Rhodanthe is a genus of flowering plants within the daisy family Asteraceae, endemic to Australia."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tea on Thursday 6

All teas are not equal - at least not when it comes to colouring canvas. I found a bargain at our local shop a couple of weeks ago - a packet of cranberry tea bags for $2. I drank a few cups of tea, and  put the moist bags onto a sheet of canvas. The stains started pink, and with oxidisation (I think) turned blue. Here is a tag I made for the theme "Myths and Legends" - the tea stains created an interesting illustration for the Aboriginal story of the "Three Sisters" in the Blue Mountains, NSW.