Thursday, April 25, 2019

Which envelope is yours? Days 13-20 #The100DayProject.

If you sent me a letter (or a bill) by post recently, then one of these envelopes could be yours.... for #The100DayProject, I started on 2 April to create a collage on a used envelope each day. The theme for the collage is inspired by a daily walk , so the project is a double challenge for me - to take a walk and to create a small piece of art every day until 10 July.
Here are the results of Days 13-20...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Anything Industrial?

Anything Industrial is the theme for the current Tag Tuesday, with fantastic tags as inspiration by Tag Tuesday designer, Sandie. Not sure if I have gone a bit off the mark with this interpretation, but my tag depicts "remembering".... remembering what a place was like before it became a technology park and industrial centre.  I am sure there are many places you revisit, and remember perhaps a more rural scene from childhood, far from the current high rise, industrial  and high technology cityscape.  As a feature of this collage, I included a person  riding  a bicycle to add to the theme, as it  has been said, 
 "A bicycle is an industrial revolution in an individual’s life ..." 
(F.K. Day, Founder of World Bicycle Relief, 2012 ) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Envelopes #The100DayProject Days 9-12

Days 9-12 of #The100Day Project . I stitched collages created from paper, fabric and used envelopes as a "journal" of my daily walks for 100 days.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Days 6,7,8 of #The100DayProject 2019

For #The100Day Project,  for 100 days, I am creating stitched fabric and paper collages on used envelopes. The theme relates to what I see or what I gather on my daily walks for 100 days.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Did you send me a letter? #The100DayProject

This year, I decided to participate in The 100 Day Project - I signed up before my life suddenly got a bit busy, but I am determined to continue with it. It is an online art project which attracts thousands of people worldwide every year to create art of some sort every day for 100 days. This started on 2 April  so it's early days...

Each participant can decide what he/she would like to create. I had a pile of used envelopes which I saved for an unknown project, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to use them and all the little bits of torn paper, fabric scraps and ephemera I have been keeping.

My 100 day project is to create collages on used envelopes.  Did you send me a letter? You may find your envelope as one of the 100 collages. These stitched collages will be inspired by my daily walks in my neighbourhood, so it is also a 100 day challenge to walk each day, even if it only for 15-20 minutes.   Here are the first five days... 

I hope you will follow along with me for the next 95 days. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Birds, Nests and Eggs - Tag Tuesday

 Bird's Nest - fabric art tag : Wilma Simmons 

Today is 1 April - just the day for carrying on with the creative  silliness I started last fortnight for Tag Tuesday
The coordinator of Tag Tuesday, Valerie nominated the theme "Birds, Nests and Eggs". Using a fabric print from Loralie Designs and a fabric print of a magpie from  "Taking Flight" by Kennard & Kennard, I appliqued and stitched this fabric tag to suit the theme.  
I have used this idea before some years ago for an art doll ...a bird making a nest from "hair" from a woman's head. I think it is interesting how ideas remain with you for some time, and this one still come to the surface every now and then. 
"Unravelling" - wrapped art doll : Wilma Simmons 

I am really  having fun working with the prints of colourful "Loralie" women and now have a small series of appliqued art tags. 
Mushroom #2 - fabric art tag : Wilma Simmons 

Mushroom #1 - fabric art tag : Wilma Simmons 

Whiskers- fabric art tag : Wilma Simmons