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Christmas Countdown 24 :Christmas Tree #2 for Bibliophiles

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Advent Blog - Day 2 
Books make great Christmas trees!  How appropriate to use the product of trees to create a spectacular Christmas tree.  And how convenient, just take a few volumes from your book shelf and you have your tree done for this season! 
So many ways to stack books to make  the iconic Christmas tree shape...  

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While many of the  book tree displays use what is available,  there might be a few who choose the books by the cover, well at least, by the colour of the books to suit the season or their Christmas decor. 

None other than the White House 'book' Christmas tree is the bizarre example of choosing the books because of the colour of their spines without paying attention to the titles or content. 

 From "The Washington Post " .... This palette is meant "to highlight Franklin  D Rooseveldt's personal copy of 'A Christmas Carol,' which is bound in red leather and loaned from the FDR presidential library in Hyde Park, New York ... But you know what they say about choosing a book by its cover — or in this case, by the colour of its cover.
The titles that make up President Trump's holiday book tree are a perplexing assortment. "Holding Up the Earth" (2000) is a teen novel about five generations of women whose tales come together in a "story quilt." "Sangoma" is a memoir of a former Eagle Scout from Illinois who moves to Swaziland to become a spiritual healer. "Developing Superior Work Teams" seems like a book the president might want to at least skim. "American Mourning," an academic study of how public mourning shapes politics "and might be employed to shape our future outcomes," seems an unusual choice, given the public mood.... 
My advice is to choose your books wisely for your Christmas tree!  And if you don't fancy lugging all those books off your book shelves and stacking them ... here is a tutorial to make a table top tree  from just a single old book . 
And if you are still not sure about creating a Christmas tree from a book, what about a Christmas fairy outfit... 
See you tomorrow - same place, same time with another crazy Christmas tree idea! 

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  1. One of my daughters is a bibliophile ( actually all my children would be) and one year did a book Christmas tree. It looked fantastic. It was the first time I had seen such a tree. Thanks for collating all those images. I loved the Christmas fairy.


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