Monday, April 11, 2016

Exhibition Panic

Some of the 108 little polymer clay  heads I made and  have  stitched into one of my  exhibition  pieces,
entitled "Pillars of Patience", depicting  the 108 suitors of Penelope from "The Odysssey - WS 2016 
With only five weeks to set up , I have a severe case of exhibition panic. Very few pieces of work completed and to make the situation more complex, is the pressure I'm feeling embarking on my first collaborative exhibition.  There are lots of  warnings from artists about the pitfalls of collaborating for an exhibition. However, I am one of the lucky ones  ... I chose an artist friend, Bobbi Oliver who is not only talented but has an amazing work ethic and produces absolutely stunning sculptures quickly. Not sure how Bobbi feels, but I am suspecting she might be thinking she has stepped into a scenario a bit like this, described by Cissi Tsang ... We haven't had a difference of opinion. we haven;t stamped around like raging dinosaurs. We haven't come to a stalemate. However, I have worked very very slowly. 
"A collaborative exhibition only works as well as the participants. The more people that are involved, the more opinions – and the greater the likelihood of disagreements. What starts out as a difference of opinion can devolve into immense butt hurt. This can derail the exhibition as people start spending more of their time stamping like a herd of angry dinosaurs. Or you might end up with a stalemate, with various people refusing to compromise. Then there’s the risk not everyone shares the same work ethic – or possess any work ethic, at all. Things are done slowly, or not done at all. You might end up having to take on extra responsibilities to pick up the slack."  from

What am I doing spending precious moments writing about my state of mind when I should be creating ?  Posting a few photos to prove to all , me especially, that I am making progress! These are only previews, Sorry I can't show really how much progress I have really made. Yes, Bobbi, I have finished a few!  I'll be ready by 19 May!
Close up of  "Pyramid of Prudence " - hand dyed fabric and digital print on fabric . WS 2016 

Close up of "Pyramid of Prudence" - figure of Telemachus semi visible. WS 2016 

 ' Growing Up" One of my handmade artist books for the exhibition
eco dyed paper, assorted fabrics, hand  stitching  and photo print on fabric. WS 2016