Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Wise Woman

This last weekend was the annual exhibition of one of my dollmakers' groups, Hello Dollies. While I was "minding" the exhibition, I finished the doll pictured above. She is another version of my WOW (Woman of Wisdom) pattern. The body of the doll is embellished crazy patchwork and her costume includes hand dyed laces,brocade and silk. This doll has been named AGB because the type of embellishment is very much in the Anne's Glory Box embellishment class style. AGB is a stump doll  - a cloth doll with a "stump" as a body.
The Challenge for the exhibition was another stump doll - Oriental Dance by a fellow Hunter Valley dollmaker, Ann Maullin. I made mine as a Chinese Court concubine of earlier times. Her head was sewn from cloth, needle sculpted and then painted with gesso ( I think I did about 15 coats). After each coat of gesso, I sanded it with a fine sand paper. The last few coats were painted with gesso coloured with skintone acrylic paint and a flow medium. I chose the Chinese red coloured brocade and gold embroidered dragon panel to indicate her "regal" status.Someone said this doll looked as though she had a rather concerned, anxious look on her face. I jokingly said, that as a concubine, she was wondering whether this was her night! What made me happy about this doll, and the WOW was that I didn't buy anything new for these dolls - I just used fabrics and trims I found in my stash!
This other regal looking doll (below), which I called Empress Wu, was the winner of the competition. She was created by my friend, Fay B, from Sydney Hello Dollies group. If you want to see the other 15 beautiful dolls entered in this competition, just click Hello Dollies blog

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winner : One World One Heart 2010

Thank you to all who visited my blog during the One World One Heart  this year, and special cheers for Lisa Swifka who hosted this wonderful blogging  event  to 1088 participants in 40 different countries.


The winner of the dragonfly pouch and shoes is: MichelleK , who was the tenth person to comment.
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michelleK said... Wow gorgeous giveaways. Happy one world one heart .... <3 
January 25, 2010 11:35 PM

You might like to visit the blog of  michelleKart  if you haven't already done so during One World One Heart.  To all of the participants, I hope you enjoyed OWOH as much as I did, and I will make sure I visit all of your blogs again.  I hope you will also revisit my blog again soon and I wish you all happy times until the next OWOH.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

On Sunday, 14 February, we will celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Tiger.  So many of our family were born in the Year of the Tiger , including me, so we think it's a special year. Tiger people are known to be loyal, courageous, enthusiastic and generous, but of course there are some negatives - selfish, excessive and impulsive. Anyway, all the Tiger members of our family are really wonderful people!  Like lots of other family celebrations, it's a time to prepare and eat lovely food, and just enjoy being  together.  Happy Chinese New Year! 

Exchange students preparing dinner at our place
Grandchildren visiting our place.

It will also be Valentine's Day on Sunday, so I wish you all a really wonderful day and am sending you all a big heart...
Please also remember that there are only a few days to enter the ONE WORLD ONE HEART giveaway . Just scroll down to the blog post entitles One World One Heart and leave a comment to win. These dragon fly creations are the prize.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

To celebrate February - the month of Valentine's Day, the Down Under Street Team (DUST) has a theme of "Roses are red, violets are blue" for its Etsy sale. I didn't really have anything in my shop which fitted this theme, so last night I created this little violet petal pouch just for the sale.
I  searched my fabric stash for fabric with roses, but found this violet fabric which I forgot I had. I also adapted the pattern from one of inspirational books, Omiyage - Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition by Kumiko Sudo. I rediscovered this book on my shelf recently. It was a Christmas gift from my mother in 2003. I made little pouches like this previously and used a polymer clay face, but on this one, I covered a shank button with fabric and drew and coloured a little face. I was trying for " sweet and pretty" so I think I almost got it! The kiss curls were an afterthought. I have always thought fabric "beads" were a bit special, but this is the first time I attempted any!

The last week  has been very hectic in Blogland with the One World One Heart really taking off on a Magic Carpet Ride. Already 260+ bloggers have entered my giveaway, so hope you will also visit the post below and add your comment. To participate in the giveaway you don't need to be in Australia, although you can admire the view.
Nor do you have to do anything outrageous, just leave a comment on the post on this blog dated 25 January, and titled One World One Heart.
If you want to find out more information about this amazing world wide blog event and find the 958 blogger participants giving away beautiful prizes, please go to the blog , A Whimsical Bohemeian . I am number 112 on the list.
PS the previous two photos are ones I took at Darling Harbour, Sydney a couple of weekends ago.