Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Countdown Characters #24

As we come close to the end of the alphabet, and only a day from Christmas, it is also becoming obvious that the research for this year's Advent blog has uncovered some unusual, and dare I say, weird Christmas celebrities. 

Y is for Yani (the Kitten Angel ) 
Y is also for Yamal Iri. 

Let's tackle the heavenly Yani first.  Yani is a kitten angel who narrates "The True Story of Critter Angels"  and  explains the reasons for the existence of animal angels.  Perhaps cat lovers will relate to this? While Yani has a rather tentative link to Christmas, she is an angel whose existence is based on spreading love and peace in the world in the truest spirit of Christmas. While this book sounds very sweet and comforting, Yani could be classified as being a little too sentimental and at times, even schmaltzy, but never without the capacity to bring joy! 

if you’ve ever loved an animal, this book for adults and children alike will touch your heart. And if you’ve ever experienced the passing of a beloved animal, this book is a must. Anyone who has opened his or her heart to an animal knows an animal’s capacity for love, connection and devotion. Yani, a critter angel, shares the true story of critter angels, why they come into our lives and why they have to leave. Yani’s sweet story, accompanied by the charming and delightful illustrations of Yani and her critter angel friends, will make you smile and bring you comfort and understanding. (from Amazon. ) 

 While I am happy to report Yamal Iri  is a little more down to earth than Yani, his story is an interesting piece in the annals of Christmas myths. His unusual name, clothing and legend instils curiosity in people all over the world.The Yamal Peninsula is in Russia, and this particular region decided they wanted a Santa Claus of their own .The tourist organizations decided on a character based on  local children's art work. interpreting a folk hero. 


.[There is]...   a legend of Terlei, who is the folk hero belonging to the Northern region of Russia. A Good Samaritan and an extensive traveller. Coming with a drum which drives away the evil spirits, Yamal Iri also spreads positive energy and happiness to the people who surround him. ( )

Yamal Iri only came into existence in 2007, but strangely, he appears to be a Christmas celebrity from the past...   I like the idea that he is active throughout the whole year not only at Christmas, travelling extensively and always helping people to put things right.  Besides his staff decorated with runes, his  drum  has magic powers  to get  rid of all that is evil  in the world...  
Yamal Iri, bring on your drum this Christmas!  

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