Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Countdown Characters #14

It was just too difficult to decide on the Christmas celebrity for today's letter N , so I settled on two - one most people know, and another less connected. 
St Nicholas and Nestor - watercolour, pencil  and ink sketch  - Wilma Simmons 

N is for St Nicholas and Nestor. 

Let's start with St. Nick.... Santa Claus is a fictional character based on multiple figures. The person most closely connected with the Santa Claus legend is Saint Nicholas, a Greek Christian bishop who helped the poor and left presents for children. I suppose most people know about the story of how St. Nick saved three daughters whose poverty stricken family were being forced to sell them. As they slept, St Nick placed bags of money into their stockings hanging out to dry. Familiar with any Christmas practices we know? 

We remember this saint, such a holy, good man.
Be like him in charity, do all that you can.
Many miracles Nicholas hastened to do,
Helping people in need with gifts that were new.

I am not sure if St. Nicholas had a donkey to deliver his gifts, but that is how I portrayed him today, only to introduce you to Nestor, the long eared Christmas donkey.  Nestor is featured in an animated movie which tells  the story of the little donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem. This was not a popular movie, but Nestor is such an endearing and noble character, that his story is worth retelling. 

Nestor was born with extremely long ears, even for a donkey. He  is an example of a victim of teasing and bullying, who in the end comes out on top.  After  abandonment by soldiers and the death of his mother  who protected him in a snowstorm, Nestor is alone.  However, an angel  appears and tells Nestor that his life has a special purpose and to follow a star. Soon, Nestor is chosen by Mary and Joseph to carry her to Bethlehem, and Nestor becomes a hero to the other animals.

We are now over half way through the alphabet and two weeks closer to Christmas..Stay with me please .. only 11 more blog posts 'til Christmas

Christmas Characters 1-13 - Wilma Simmons 

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