Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Countdown Characters #25

Merry Christmas... and here is the last for this Advent blog. 

Z is for Zurline 

 Zurline is the ruler of the Wood Nymphs. She and her subjects live in the Forest of  Burzee . Queen Zurline first appeared in  the  children's story classic, " The Life and  Adventures of Santa Claus" , first published in 1902 by L. Frank Baum and then later in the graphic novels and an animated version.  In this story,  Queen  Zurline was a member  of the  Council of the Immortals  which bestowed  immortality on  Santa Claus. . So, it is appropriate that  Zurline  completes the A-Z of Christmas celebrities as she and her colleagues were responsible for Santa Claus continuing to visit children on Christmas eve in the 21st century.... or at least, I think I have interpreted that correctly. 

The story  begins with baby Santa Claus being found in the Forest of Burzee. As he gets older, he learns about the world inhabited by humans, and when he becomes an adult, he can no longer stay in Burzee, but moves to Laughing Valley where he becomes known for making toys and being kind to children. It may come as no surprise there are gift exchanges, assistance from reindeer, stockings by fireplaces, gifts  left under near trees, journeys by night and chimney descents in this story.  It was when Santa Claus was 60 years old that the Council of Immortals met to decide the future of Santa Claus - and as they say the rest is history .... Santa Claus is immortal.  Thanks Zurline!
Queen Zurline in "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" 
And now this series is finally over, thank you for following this blog during Advent, and I hope you return to the blog each week for an update on various topics even when we are not in Christmas mode. It is now time to turn off your computers and devices and enjoy some precious time with your family and friends, or even quietly by yourself, celebrating the blessed peace and  joy of Christmas.
My very best wishes to one and all!  - Wilma

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