Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Countdown Characters #8

watercolour and ink sketch - Wilma Simmons 
How puzzling ... This is not a Christmas image?  Perhaps those are Christmas baubles ?
H is for Holly Hobbie ... What in the world has Holly Hobbie got to do with Christmas?

We all probably know Holly Hobbie as the pinafore dressed girl with a large bonnet who appeared on so many cards and illustrated home ware items and as dolls and toys in the 1960s/1970s. Holly Hobbie was actually the creator of the iconic American Greetings darling  and when her nameless character became so popular,  the little girl appearing in the illustrations became known as "Holly Hobbie" , the namesake of her creator. This still doesn't answer the question ...

While Holly Hobbie became popular as an illustrator, she was also a writer of a successful series of children's books - the adventures of  piglet pals , Toot and Puddle.  Still confused about the Christmas connection?  Well...

The most popular of the stories in the Toot and Puddle series is  the heart warming tale " I'll be Home for Christmas" . Puddle anxiously waits for Toot to arrive home  in Woodcock Pocket  from a family reunion in Scotland. It is Christmas Eve and Toot is stranded in Scotland in a snow storm,   How will Toot and Puddle be reunited in time for Christmas  "The answer involves a little bit of magic and some unexpected help from another holiday traveller. This adorable, beautifully animated, award-winning story from Holly Hobbie is certain to become a holiday classic for the whole family!" ( from a review by Amazon)

So Holly Hobbie ( also known as Denise Holly Ulinskas) , American illustrator and writer does have a Christmas connection. Her Christmas  story has delighted thousands of 3-6year olds!  If you have  a fan of Toot and Puddle, here is a video "Story time with Erin" which will amuse little ones for just long enough for you to wrap a Christmas present!


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