Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Countdown Characters #22

So close to Christmas and it's getting harder to find Christmas celebrities but today here's  a wily W character. 

W is for Wilma. Yes I am Wilma but I am NOT today's Christmas celebrity. 
Wilma the weasel  is the one of the main characters  in The Flight Before Christmas, a 2008 animated movie  and its sequel  Little Brother Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure. The Flight Before Christmas centres around the problem of Niko, a small reindeer afraid of flying, and in search of his unknown father who is one of Santa's Flying Forces (that is, one of the eight main reindeer who pull Santa's sleigh) 

Wilma is a street wise fearless singing weasel, who Niki and his surrogate squirrel father, Julius befriend while saving Santa from a wolf pack attack . Long story short, the climax involves  Niko, Wilma and Julius killing the wolf leader, the Flying  Squad saving themselves in order to save Christmas, Niko learning how to fly and learning that Prancer is his father. 
The main theme of this movie is believing in yourself and discovering that searching for something elusive may mean you lose sight of what is really important and what you already have. While the movie itself has mixed reviews, there is no doubt that Wilma does everything she can to assist her friends. What other kind of friend do you need at Christmas, or for that matter, anytime . 

In this short video, Wilma sings to the reindeer challenging them to own up to being Niko's father . Her voice is one of her main assets... "Wilma is certainly informative and useful towards the heroes, but her little side story of wanting to become some diva/singer is 90% of the time irrelevant, except for that one scene where she used her voice to cause an avalanche to escape the wolves."

As it is W for Wilma Day, I would like to thank you all for following along with this Advent blog. I have enjoyed each day finding a Christmas celebrity to share with you. Stay around, only X,Y and Z to go.... All the best for the festive season, Wilma 

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