Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Countdown 19 - Roast Pork

Now one for meat lovers .... Christmas Countdown 19 : Roast pork is often on Christmas menus in many countries. Although there are a few vegetarians in our family, pork certainly appears on the menu and the crackling is sought after at our extended family Christmas gathering. 

I wouldn't presume to offer a recipe as I am sure all families who love this classic roast have a recipe which has been passed on through generations, including a method of making crispy crackling. 
However, as today is 7 December, Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day, perhaps  an Hawaiian version of Christmas roast pork could be appropriate.  Hawaiians  traditionally celebrate special occasions with a lauau - a party of feasting and entertainment. Kalua pork would certainly be on the Christmas lauau menu.
 Kalua pig is an Hawaiian dish which is produced by slowly roasting a pig in an underground pit. Traditional kalua pig is seasoned only with salt, allowing the flavours of the pig and the vegetation it is buried with to mingle, creating a very rich, smoky flavor which many people find very enjoyable. To make kalua pig in the traditional Hawaiian way, a whole pig is rubbed down with salt while a hole is dug and lined with extremely hot rocks and layers of vegetation like banana and tea leaves. The pig is wrapped in vegetation and lowered into the hole, and then the entire pig is buried for five or more hours to slowly roast it. When the pig is done roasting, it is uncovered, removed, and served. The meat tends to be very tender and juicy, thanks to the wrapping of vegetation which keeps the pig moist during the cooking process. (from  
For all my vegetarian friends... if all this meaty discussion is just too much,  I found that you can celebrate roast pork as a Christmas food without having to eat it. Here is  an unusual Christmas ornament .... 
Camille Pissarro : The Pork Butcher - Christmas Tree Ornament. 

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