Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Countdown 12 - Popcorn

Popcorn ( popping corn) may be known at Christmas more as a tree decoration than a food for the Christmas table.The origin of making garlands of popcorn and hanging them in trees at Christmas can be traced back to times in Europe when trees outside were decorated with nuts, fruit and other edibles like corn to feed the birds and small animals in the depth of winter. I was really surprised to see an advertisement for artificial popcorn garlands. With the invention of microwaveable popcorn, it hardly seems so  difficult  as to encourage the need to buy fake popcorn.  However, it does look good enough to eat.

If you have never made a popcorn garland, it is very easy.... 

I chose popcorn for Christmas Countdown 12 - 14 December, because it is one of our grandson's favourite snacks , not just at Christmas - any day at all. Happy Birthday, Dylan ... 

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