Monday, April 27, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Do you draw first?

"Do you draw first?" - I am often asked this question about my works which are collaged and machine stitched, like these from #The100DayProject.  In the last post, I shared a drawing  and the resulting stitched work. (left below) The simple answer to the question is 'yes' ....but ...
I can't claim that  these are drawings - they are more like 30 second sketches.  In the top photo, you can see that I have photographed  a scene from my front verandah and I also sketched it very quickly and not accurately , blocking in shapes with multi directional lines. Then the drawing has been scaled to fit my preferred size for a wearable art pin - I also took some artistic licence and omitted the house. Sometimes I work directly from the photo doing a similar thing - adding and subtracting elements for the sake of the design. 

 And here is the stitched interpretation of the sketch.... 

Day 21 #100pinpoems 
"Morning mist softens 
Loud kookaburras laughing... 
Light refreshing rain."           
Materials; cotton fabrics, silk organza, threads safety pin. Techniques: collage and stitching. 

The two previous days are stitched from photos. 

 Day 19: Anzac Day 
"Lest we Forget" 
Materials: recycled fabric scraps, thread, safety pin. 
Techniques: collage, stitching 

Day 20 
"A change of seasons
Sprawling garden trees are trimmed 
Hopeful bare branches." 
Materials: cyanotype fabric fragment, thread, safety pin. Techniques: printing, stitching. 

Please note: From today, I will be posting about  #The100DayProject once a week.... I am finding it quite time consuming posting about the project on other social media daily as well as here three times a week. To follow my daily progress , follow my unique hash tag #100pinpoems ... on Instagram  or on Facebook 
Thank you. 

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