Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Pink with Nature

7/ #100pinpoems 

Today was Day 7 #The100DayProject ....  You may remember that I have undertaken to make 100 wearable pins with coloured safety pins and an accompanying haiku or at least a pseudo haiku with three lines and a 5-6-5 syllable structure. 
No. 7 was "in the pink" . This one came about  because my granddaughter and I are having a daily challenge from afar... the challenge today was to wear something pink and do something with our hands or feet. We then swap photos of each other  ( see left) - a diversion from social isolation and school holidays. 
No 7 : Materials : paper, fabric, buttons, threads,  safety pin. 
Techniques: collage, stitching. 
No. 6 was in response to the beautiful day we experienced on Sunday, yesterday - clear blue skies and warm sunshine. I took a photo in the morning as I was drinking tea on the verandah and the clear rays of the sun in the photo became stitch lines on the little wearable pin. 
Materials: fabric - cotton, cheescloth, organza, threads  and safety pin 
Techniques: collage , stitching. 
Inspiration photo 6/#100pinpoems 

Stitching down the collaged fabric 6#100pinpoems
Background fabric 6//100pinpoems 

View from the back 6/#100pinpoems
Seeing a magpie on the front lawn isn't really much to get excited about, but it became the subject of No.5 This one is a small fabric collage, with machine and hand stitching - the outline of the bird was added last with simple back stitch 
Materials: fabric,  threads, safety pin. 
Techniques: collage, stitching .

Next update on #The100Day Project will be on Wednesday.... watch this space.

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