Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Firsts #19 :Barbie

For many, a childhood memory of Christmas morning will be a Barbie doll gift under the tree. The FIRST Barbie doll was a great success commercially in 1959, with estimates of 300,00 dolls sold that year.

A Barbie doll is easily one of the most recognizable and best-selling toys in history. With over a billion dolls sold, Barbie has staying power that other dolls could only dream of. Considering that the pint-sized princess has been a mainstay in popular culture for over 50 years, it’s safe to say she’ll be around for a long time to come.
From Bestselling Toys in History 
1960's Barbie 
Of course Barbie has changed considerably in 58 years. While she hasn’t aged, the Barbie a child will receive this Christmas will look quite different from the Barbie someone my age would have received in the 1960’s.   From last year, Barbie can have one of three new body types  (tall, petite, and curvy), as well as many variations of skin tones and eye colours 
Barbie 2016 collection 
Perhaps of more interest in this blog series of Christmas FIRSTS is the Barbie Holiday Collection…. 

Holiday Barbie (dressed in festive  evening gowns) FIRST appeared in 1988, as the first collectable Barbie. I suspect that the annual release of Holiday Barbie has appealed more to an adult as a Christmas gift than to children. The dolls in the collection pre-1992 attract very high prices, especially if they are still in the original packaging, reportedly as much as $750+, so they are unlikely to be purchased as gifts for children to play with. 
Regardless of price, Barbie will continue to delight  adult  and children fans  this  Christmas.... The red evening dress hasn't changed a lot, but there is an increased air of confidence and sophistication about 2017 Holiday Barbie 

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