Friday, December 1, 2017

Arty Alphabet Days 1-5

My cousin alerted me to this Instagram challenge called  #everydaycreativeatoz hosted by artist, Jennifer Cockcroft . Here is  a summary of what Jennifer says about this challenge in her blog

 "Everyday Creative A to Z challenge!
This really is as simple as it sounds - every day the prompt will be a letter of the alphabet (we'll work through them in order so nobody gets confused!), and all you have to do is post something related to that letter.

I want you to really let your imagination run free with this and post whatever you like!

I know we're in the lead up to Christmas, but there's absolutely no requirement for you to post festive images if that's not your thing - or if you're a total Christmas freak then please go right ahead!
  • You could stick to a theme in your posts, or mix and match each day depending on your inspiration..... 
You get the idea - there really are no rules with this, and if you like you can switch and change and post something different every day, or skip some days and just pick your favourite letters."

Here are my first five days ... 
A&B : Because I didn't actually start until 28 November, I used one photo for both letters. ART and BALDNESS . This is a photo of me, soon after I shaved my head for a charity fundraising supporting the Zero Children's Cancer Campaign. The art is by Brisbane based artist, Sylvia Watt whose portraits here are obviously of bald women. This photo set a theme for me for the rest of the challenge to post an "arty" alphabet...
C: COW COLLAGE  Followers of this blog know that I tear up bits of paper and use them in an attempt to create artistic collages. I sometimes include postage stamps in those collages after being inspired by the work of Jette Clover earlier in the year. Jette encouraged us all to try to practise art each day with a simple exercise of making a small collage for a card - here's one of them!
D: DAY of the DEAD DOLL  I created this doll after winning a set of fabric markers in a raffle. It started with a piece of white cotton and I drew on it , sewed it up, filled it with fibre fill and then painted over the edges of  the raw fabric.
E:  EMBROIDERED EGG and EGG CUPS I have been collecting egg cups for over 40 years, so I have a large collection.... I like to stitch temari too. So here is an embroidered egg sitting in one of my eggcups with part of my egg cup collection in the background. Just for the record, we love boiled eggs!
Watch this space for other posts about my arty alphabet .... and soon a Christmas Countdown for Advent! 

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