Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Arty Alphabet Days 10-16

Another week of Arty Alphabet ( Instagram challenge #everydaycreativeatoz) ..... 
J : Jolly Jesters - little handmade dolls from an elinorpeace bailey pattern.  
K: Kangaroo -  Australian applique on a background of paper and fabric with an overlay of organza and stitching
L: Lino cut print -  only my second attempt at lino block printing  
M: Mask - blackwork embroidered mask 
N: Needle cases - I own quite a few, some made by me - the beautiful beaded one was made for me by my daughter-in-law. 
O: Origami - It took me a long while to learn to do this, but finally got there, with tuition from my mother. 
P: Penguin soft toys - Just finished last week for a challenge at Gumnut Dollies Newcastle. We were challenged to create something with a Christmas theme from a free downloadable internet pattern.  The pattern comes from PurlSoho. 

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