Saturday, December 5, 2015

Countdown to Christmas 21 - Throw a Cake!

On the second Saturday in January, Manitou Springs in Colorado, USA, hosts the  Great Fruitcake Toss.  This competition is based on the idea that fruitcakes are very dense, weighty hard cakes - unwanted Christmas gifts which can be  readily sacrificed  and in fact, thrown away. By that date, I know that our Christmas cakes would definitely be consumed so I am not sure if it is a sporting event our family could qualify for.  However, Manitou Springs, a small town of approximately 5000 people, has organised the tournament since 1995. During the competition, fruitcakes are thrown, hurled, catapulted and cannoned into the air using a range of inventive devices.
The high-powered equipment used in recent years has sent fruitcakes souring to distances "beyond measurement." Lewis said in 2013, one official distance was recorded as "destination unknown." The record hand toss  with a 2 lb cake  (1 kg cake ) is 415 feet (126.5 metres ), also set in 2013.

Those braving this event would be wise to remember to look up occasionally – a frozen fruitcake in the face is a formidable force when fired from an exercise-bike-powered cannon or a catapault. 
The rule is that each participant must provide his/her own fruitcake which is inspected by the “Fruitcake Toss Tech Inspectors” to ensure that no inedible substances are included in the cake.  This is done to protect the competitors and the audience in case anyone gets hit in the head with a flying fruitcake. I
f any participants do not have at their disposal their own fruit cakes, it is quite acceptable to rent a fruitcake from the organising committee!

Other competitions in  the Fruit Cake Toss tournament include :
-          Catch the Fruitcake  which is played in groups of three team members who are required to catch  1lb /500 g fruitcakes tossed by their own devices.  . The team that catches the most fruitcakes wins.
-          Accuracy with Targets is another great way to take part in the competition but not get as messy. Targets are placed out in the park at distances of 75 feet, 125 feet and 175 feet at varying angles. The goal is for each team to land in or as close to as many targets as possible.

And if you happen  not to be the sporty type, there is also a fruit cake bake off  connected with the Fruitcake Toss, and your cake should be safe if you bake well!

Tomorrow, let's sing the praises of Christmas cake! 

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