Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Countdown to Christmas 11 - What to do with Leftover Cake?

I never have this problem - I never have uneaten fruitcake. Having discovered there is quite a large percentage of the world's population who hate fruitcake, I have also discovered so many suggestions of what to do with fruitcake leftover after Christmas, not only leftover cake, but uncut cake! Of the many lists, I think the most popular use for a whole fruitcake is to use it as a doorstop. This image suggests that it might have been preserved, with a coat of lacquer?  
Other popular suggestions are: 
- paper weight
- holder for the Christmas tree 
- boat anchor 
- stand on the cake to change a light bulb 
- book ends in the library 
- weight for a camping tent 
- building material 
- speed bump 
- instead of a jack when changing a car tyre 
- step for gym class 
- ballast for a hot air balloon 
- airliner or caravan wheel blocks 
- target practice 
 My favourite three uses for fruitcake, other than eating it of course, are : 
1. You probably need two cakes, one for each hand as weights while working out at the gym or power walking.  Not a bad idea - hand weights with a built -in snack to maintain energy levels! 

2. Floral arrangements with a fruitcake base? When you think about it, two gifts in one - flowers and cake! Practical too - the cake's texture would allow flowers to be arranged easily and would offer stability. 
3. Now this idea is way out there - When you don;t want to share a bus or train seat with a stranger and you don't feel like making polite conversation, dress up your fruitcake, place it on the seat next to you, and begin an in depth discussion, rather a monologue with your friend, the fruitcake. This is guaranteed to chase other people away or at least they will look strangely at you and give you a wide berth. 
I would love to hear of unusual uses for Christmas fruitcake  - just leave me your ideas in the comments section, please 
Tomorrow - let's have a look at fruitcake inspired fashion. 

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