Saturday, July 11, 2015

Photo a Day July Challenge Days 6-11


Up to Day 11 already  in the "Be Well In Winter" photo challenge - where each day, I am challenged to take and share a photo according to the theme. 

Day 6 : Inspirational Quote . Each Monday, I usually  post an inspirational quote with an item of my art work... so this one was easy.

Day 7 - Nature's Best - Nature's best food - fresh vegetables! Perhaps not the favourite of children, but hopefully, as you get older, you appreciate the taste as well as the benefits.

Day 8 - Eat your Greens . In this case, it is not healthy to eat the green part - leeks, being prepared for leek and potato soup - yum! 

Day 9 - Caffeine Alternative ... Very boring, but a glass of water is a good "pick me up" 

Day 10 : Prana - I thought this theme would beat me, but just remembering what my tai chi teacher  says about the life force between your hands, I happened to hold my hands up with my iPad on the kitchen bench and with the overhead light, this is the image of prana I couldn't have planned any better! 

Day 11 - Penny Saving . I love money boxes and have a few piggy banks. This is my favourite - a feng shui pig which my sister gave me years ago. It does in fact always have loose change in it. 

What Instagram fun this has been - a way of becoming aware and developing focus each day. 

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