Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Photo a Day Challenge 12-20

And time flies when you're having fun... so far, I've managed to post a photo a day on Instagram for the "Be Well in Winter " photo challenge, interpreting the daily themes.  
Days 12-20 : 
12. Lunchtime - Lamb and salad in a gluten free wrap, with a special treat of  a dollop of lactose free cream cheese 
13. Self Love - Ugg boots and a blanket- watching TV show, Masterchef. 
14. Sleep - Not a fan of Masterchef! 
15. In the pantry - home made tomato relish 
16. Affirmation - How do you define beauty? 
17. Create - Unfinished projects on my work table. 
18. Comfort - Little wheat bags - perfect size to warm cold hands 
19. Journal - my workshop journal - preparation and teaching notes for the next day's workshop. 
20. On my plate - gluten free spiral pasta, fresh vegetables and a spoonful of that home made relish. 

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