Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tag Tuesday on Thursday

Tag Theme : Birds ( nests, eggs) 
Although  very busy, I have been determined to create a tag each week for the Tag Tuesday Blog Challenge   All the tags  on the blog are very artistic, with so many different techniques used to interpret the theme . The tag I made for the "Birds" theme last week  is a silk screen print,  sewn onto the cardboard tag template, with satin and gingham ribbons. I bought the print from a stall at the Hunter Art Bazaar last weekend.   The tag below for "Mad March" was created from painted handmade paper, and a moon from a  paper circle coloured with texta markers and dabbed with rubbing alcohol. Then I stamped a pattern and the words, and added a silhouette cur from black cardboard, with some sari silk ribbon. 

Tag theme: Mad March ( hares, rabbits) 

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