Monday, March 12, 2012

Asian Art for Exhibition

Asian Girl portrait ( in the style of  Patti Culea ) 
 By now, you are all most likely sick of hearing about my Wise Women Exhibition.  The opening was last week and it went very well - beyond my expectations. One little corner of the exhibition was my Asian themed  mixed media art works - not many of these have been seen before, so here is a glimpse. The image above is of a Patti Culea style  fabric portrait, and the others are photos printed onto silk and.or organza and  some have been distressed with heat
The Denson sisters _ my grandmother second from left 
Jan See : my great grandmother as an older and younger woman. 

Stone Buddha : Cambodia Series #2 

 Temple Dancers : Cambodia Series #3
Here are some scenes from the opening night of the exhibition. 

For more photos from the opening night, please click here 
For photos of all the exhibits, please click here
If you would like to see all of these in real life, the exhibition remains open until 25 March at Timeless Textiles Gallery, 7 Beaumont Street, Islington ( across from Hamilton Railway Station) - Newcastle NSW.

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