Sunday, March 18, 2012

Christi Friesen Workshop

I consider myself very lucky to have such great opportunities to go to workshops fairly close to home (Sydney is only 167 km away) with well known artists . Yesterday, I attended a workshop with Christi Friesen, Polymer Clay Artist Extraordinaire - please click here  to see Christi's work.  The workshop was held in the fantastic new workshop of the Sydney Jewellery School - so lovely to work in such a light and spacious area.

And here are some of the pieces I made in the workshop - sort of " art nouveau". Some of the pieces need repairing as they weren't cured before the trip home to Newcastle and got a bit squashed in transit.  I was fairly happy, considering that I haven't made polymer clay jewellery for a couple of years.
And today we celebrated a grandson's fourth birthday...  what a happy weekend it's been.


  1. Loving that jewellery Wilma.

  2. beautiful... ru sure you haven't made jewelry for a long time? wow you r good!


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