Monday, August 31, 2015

That was August ...

 August  Instagram Photo Challenge - a photo a day challenge as a daily reminder to be well in Winter  #bewellinwinter.  left to right, top row to bottom row. 
1. Stockpile - my stockpile of used tea bags, ready for art  projects. 
2. Blankets - tidied up the spare bedroom - don't the blankets look great so neatly folded? 
3. Animal - there's a bear in there! 
4. Soup - my favourite soup recipes are from a very old recipe booklet 
5. Social -  the Flying Free project is as much a social activity as a creative one. 
6. Strength - my tai chi teacher demonstrating that there is nothing stronger than gentleness. 
7. Refresh - the instructions said 'refresh your browser' .... so I did. 
8. Flowers - woolly flowers on my friend's hat
9. To do list - "put the suitcase in the boot of the car" - only one thing on my husband's to do  list today - yes, it was done! 
10. Fire - smoke alarms are mandatory  ... in case of fire. 
11. Mantra - instead of a  New Year resolution
12. Get moving - have shopping trolley and get moving! 
13. Connect - connecting with  my aunt at the craft show. 
14.Water - more water , more steam, easier ironing? 
15. Learn -grandchild minding is always a learning experience.   
16. Inner Child  - making dolls feeds my inner child.
17. Heat - hot curry! 
18. Play - playing with photos on fabric - textile art project.  
19. Cook -  no cooking , just reheated soup on a sick day. 
20. Birds - more birds from the Flying Free project 
21. Fun - daily nerdy fun - cryptic crossword 
22. Keep Warm - no need to keep warm on an unseasonally warm day. 
23. Art -Flying Free Community Art Project
24 .Leaves - upcycled wool jumper, eco dyed with eucalypt leaves 
25 .Mindfulness - some zen doodling. 
26. Shopping list - efficient husband - shopping done. 
27. Tea - first pickings Dragon Well green tea. 

28. Earth - playing 'earth" related games 
29. Colour - no prizes for guessing Miss Five's favourite colours.
30. Clean - I was supposed to clean up but I used the rubbish to make new fabric! 
31. Spring - Change of season .... The seasons are what a symphony ought to be - four perfect movements in harmony with each other.  

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