Sunday, August 2, 2015

July Photo a Day Challenge Days 21-31

Day 26 : Grounding - a beautiful sunrise , Dungog NSW

End of July already and the last day  this month of the "Be Well in Winter"  Photo a Day Challenge - an exercise in staying focussed on wellness. I enjoyed this so much I will also be participating in the August "Be Well in Winter "photo challenge .... 

Day 21 - Work ( Newspaper story about my workshop in Hervey Bay;
Day 22 - Winter ( my winter woolies) 
Day 23 - Essential Oil ( Camellia oil) 
Day 24-  Gratitude ( beautiful thank you gifts from a friend) 
Day 25 - My treat ( staying with a friend in her beautiful home) 
Day 26 - Grounding ( large photo above ) 
Day 27 - Breath ( a breath to blow out a candle) 
Day 28 - Pamper ( bath pamper essentials) 
Day 29 - Role Model ( my mum) 
Day 30 - Sun ( another sunrise -large photo below) 
Day 31 - Lesson ( lesson notes for a Drama class I taught in 1988!) 
Day 30 - Sun ( another sunrise view) 

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