Friday, August 7, 2015

Flashback Friday

Here is a blast from the past .... While cleaning up the spare bedroom, I found a photo of  some of the first dolls I made - cloth dolls  from 1980-1981. Dating them has been fairly easy  from the photo below.  I am sure the location is Bombala ( heavy blue curtains)  and my daughter, pictured below with the dolls  had lost her front teeth. ( Naomi was born in February, 1975)
The doll on the left was from a Simplicity pattern, the next one is an attempt at a sock doll, and the other two were made from a Style pattern. In those days, Bombala was  a small, fairly isolated town (no sewing shops) and there was no internet  or online shopping, so the patterns were mail ordered, or perhaps I had brought them with me from Tenterfield where I would have ordered them from the local haberdashery shop. I do remember at least making a few of the large "Simplicity " doll while living in Tenterfield, and I am sure my niece, Melanie owned one of those.

Cleaning up is not only good for our living environment, but it's good for the spirit. Amazing -  this morning, I actually found the pattern for the boy and girl dolls - all still in tact - Style pattern #2011. I wonder if it is still available today, and how much it costs. When I bought it, it was $1.80 ( or only $1.50 in New Zealand!)  

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