Saturday, February 21, 2015

Where's Wooly? Day 4

Today, Day 3 of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Wooly visited My Souk Drawer ....Shope 102, 160 Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle....  Entering My Souk Drawer you are confronted with row after row of spice buckets and display cases that hold a vast array of your typical curries, salts & peppers. Scattered amongst these are the blended varieties such as the Ras-el-Hanout a Morrocan spicy twist of rich sweet flavours that perfectly accompanies pretty much any dish.  
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Wooly has had a very hectic few days, so will be having a day of rest on Day 4. You can still post a photo of Wooly any time on 22 February resting up for another big week, Post on Instagram or Facebook to win a chance in the draw for a lucky red envelope at the end of eight days. 
Clue for Day 4Where’s Wooly?
At home today where woolly felt fibre abounds. 

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