Saturday, August 2, 2014

Exhibition Countdown : 47

tea bag vest in progress... 
 It is now 47 days until the opening of my "textile and mixed media art " exhibition - so really I have only about 40 days left to finish pieces. Am I panicking ? YES!  So much still left to create.... Today I am putting the final hand stitching to a tea bag vest for one of the sculptures and sorting and stitching my collection of tea bags.
tea bags being sorted. 
 Last weekend, I scoured second hand shops for the last of the props and found some fairly ugly tea pots,some beautiful teapots and all with character. I am sure you're wondering what I'm going to do with them - watch this space!
A "cosy" of teapots?
This close to exhibition deadline, I have now taken over the spare bedroom for finished items for the exhibition , cataloguing as I go... It is still rather bare, but I have packed up a box of samples, as the exhibition will also feature a glass case of  experiments, samples, drawings, plans and prototypes.
samples of work 
While I can't show you what I've finished yet, I sneak into the room just to see what I've created and seeing them gives me  a little motivation to keep going with what is on my work table.
some finished art works 
As the days go by, I will post more as I prepare for the exhibition opening night.... 


  1. wilma, keep up the hard work! its a slog and will be so worthwhile. The creating is not a slog of course - its the catalogueing and presenting good luck - Jane

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Jane - yes the fun bit is the creative stuff, but the other , unfortunately, is essential


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