Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Exhibition Countdown :43

 No progress on my exhibition pieces in the last few days, as I had another deadline to meet today. I am one of the artist contributors to a book which is being published at the end of the year. The "coffee table" book will have amazing artistic photos of beautiful meals created by a chef accompanied by images of textile/fibre art inspired by the relevant fruit or vegetable . As you can see, I was allocated 'mushrooms". I had all sorts of great ideas of art dolls with mushroom hats and I made a number of drawings and patterns.  However, when I made a sample mushroom cap to practise the "hats", I liked the little mushrooms.... so, in my workroom, just on the shelf above, I spotted a small gourd. Surely everyone has gourds on their shelves just waiting for  an opportunity to be used in an art project? This gourd became the base, on top of which I created a rocky earthy surface with air dry clay, with the addition of embedded pockets of handmade felt. The embedded felt resembles mossy patches.  I poked small pieces of wire into the clay and built the mushroom on them. The mushrooms themselves are  machine and hand sewn eco-dyed cotton fabric, with a  pleated silk polyester mix.  Then a few tufts of wool and fibre stitched to the mossy patches for grass.... done!
 Forget the flowers... what about  mushrooms as a table centrepiece for the next dinner party?


  1. Wilma, I must find more time to explore your posts, both current and previous. Since finding you online through Empress Wu Designs, and making the exciting family connection in the process, I have felt drawn to your blog.
    Your mushrooms are absolutely wonderful - such delicate, life-like detail and amazing earthy colours. You are, indeed, a master when it comes to your magical,original creations.
    Best of luck with your pending exhibition!
    Carolyn Simmons Logan

  2. Thanks Carolyn - it was such serendipity to make contact with you via family history. Did you receive the latest document and photo I emailed last week?


  3. Yes, I did receive your last email with attachments, and also received an email through from Peter. I am so far behind in my responses, and do apologize. Each email I receive is like a gift for me. I truly appreciate your time and effort, especially considering you have such a very busy schedule now with deadlines to meet. Thank you, Wilma, so very much. Will be in touch soon.



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